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Join Us For The 2015 Back to School Transformation Challenge


Register by Friday August, 28th



4 Winners!

  • Most Weight Lost
  • Most Body Fat % Lost
  • Most Improved Muscular Strength/Endurance
  • Most Improved Cardiovascular Endurance

Prizes Include:

  • Boot Camp Punch Card
  • Yoga Punch Card
  • $300 Cash
  • Nutrition Supplements
  • House Cleaning (NICE!)
  • Send Out Cards Gift Account (50 Cards!)
  • And, more to come…

OK. OK. Here are some pics of our previous results…

 craig jillalannakatycoriCora


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Do I Get?

This has been the most common question.

Basically, people want to know what they get for the registration fee.

I think this is coming up because in the past, we had larger registration fees that came with stuff…

For example, in the last challenge we had a registration fee of $197.

  • A couple workout soundtracks and tummy tightening workouts were provided for participants to do at home to accelerate results
  • Body fat measurements were done with a Bod Pod
  • When participants completed the challenge, they were given a $100 credit towards jeans

If you can read between the lines there was ZERO PROFIT for [Business Name], especially when you consider it probably took about 40 hours of work to put everything together and do all the before and after measurements…

BUT, direct profit actually is NOT the point of the challenge.

“WHAT?” you may ask.  “Why would a business do something that doesn’t provide a direct profit and actually costs a TON of time?”

Truth be told, there are TWO very good reasons:

  1. It’s an awesome experience for our members, which is very important to the longevity of our program.  Plus, we really love our members.  🙂
  2. The testimonials and potential referrals we gain from the awesome results can lead to more business.  So, you see, there actually is some long-term profit potential.  😉

Anyway, this year I wanted to make things a little cleaner AND much less expensive so more people could participate.  Some people just don’t care about the jeans thing and others would rather not pay a hefty fee to do the Bod Pod…

So, now we’re back to the registration fee.

Your registration fee gets you exactly that – REGISTERED.

Registration includes before and after measurements, the chance to win some cool prizes, and the celebration for all participants and their families at the end.

As you can see, once again the challenge is a “lost leader” for us from a business standpoint.

However, given the amazing results we get with the Back-to-School Transformation Challenge, we’re confident it will prove to be a Win-Win situation.  🙂

Question 2: When and How Will Measurements Be Done?

I goofed on this one.  All the dates are listed on the registration form that you fill out AFTER you sign-up.  Ooops! ;-b

So, here they are:

  • Super-Early Bird Registration Ends:  Friday, August 17th
  • Early Bird Registration Ends:  Friday, August 31st
  • Registration Deadline:  Friday, September 7th
  • Pre-challenge Pictures & Measurements:  Saturday, September 8th
    • Online participants must mail pictures and measurements on or AFTER this day
    • Pictures must be taken while holding that days newspaper
  • Challenge Start Date:  Monday, September 10th
  • Challenge End Date:  Saturday, November 17th
  • Post-challenge Pictures & Measurements:  Saturday, November 17th
    • Online Participants must mail pictures and measurements on or AFTER this day
    • Pictures must be taken while holding that days newspaper
  • Post-challenge Testimonial Due:  Sunday, November 18th
  • Post-challenge Party and Winners Revealed:  Friday, November 30th

Once we have a better idea of the number of participants, we’ll get more details out about exact times and structure for doing the assessments.

For now, just know that the assessments will be:

  • Weight via a Scale…duh.  ;-b
  • Circumference Measurements via Tape Measure
  • Body fat via 7-site Skinfold Test
  • Muscular Strength/Endurance via Push-up Test
  • Cardiovascular Endurance via 1-mile Walk/Run

Winners will be chosen based on IMPROVEMENT. So, if you go from doing 1 push-up to 2 push-ups you improved 100%. If you go from doing 8 push-ups to 10 push-ups you improved 25%. As you can see, it’s not about who’s the strongest or most fit. It’s about who IMPROVES the most.

With that being said, we’re all on the honor system – NO SANDBAGGING!

Oh, in the event that you’re going to be out-of-town on one of the testing days we’ll look for a way to accommodate you. We just can’t have everyone out-of-town that day. OK? ;-b

If you have another question, please ask. There’s a good chance someone else has that same question…

Now go get signed up! ;-b


John Smith

P.S. – I’ve specifically designed the workouts during the challenge to improve the areas we’ll be focusing on.

P.P.S. – Join me. Have some fun. Get awesome results no matter what. REGISTER TODAY!


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