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Why Fit for Life


“Your body is the only one you will ever have, you live in it, and you must take care of it now. I truly believe that being physically active, eating in a healthy manner and practicing techniques aimed at stress reduction are the best ways to manage long-term health”.

– Elizabeth Borge, Founder Fit For Life Jenkintown

Our Classes

Dance Studio for Our Community


We offer a variety of adult dance classes to choose from. We are currently offering Ballet, Tap Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. 

Don’t have any experience? No worries! Our fun and supportive team welcomes all dancers.

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We offer Hatha Yoga and Chair Yoga. It builds muscle, boosts metabolism, and increases circulation through breathwork.

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Tai Chi and Qigong

Qigong can be thought of as a movement you do for a certain situation, as opposed to tai chi form, which is a series of movements that work on the entire body in a flowing sequence.

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Body Shaping And Cardio

We offer Pilates, Barre, and Cardio Sculpting. Barre is a combination of traditional ballet and barre
moves. Sculpt your glutes, legs, and core with lengthening, strengthening, and stretching exercises. Mat
Pilates develops various aspects of physical fitness including strength, flexibility, coordination, and

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We offer Zumba. Zumba is a fitness class that incorporates Latin music and rhythms as a fun way to get in shape. Come in and see how fun and rewarding it is!

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Personal Training

Our training packages help you achieve each of your specific goals. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your health and goals. We can help you adapt the workout regimen if you have a chronic condition. We offer a variety of classes to help you with your personal journey.

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The client’s lifestyle will be assessed along with their current nutrition, activity, and medical history to
inform practical lifestyle changes. Then a plan will be developed that specifically addresses areas to
help the client achieve their goals. The aim of the consultation is to design nutrition plan that can be
realistically maintained.

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Health and
Wellness Coaching

The purpose of the session is to help the client develop sustainable ways to improve their overall
wellness, health and well-being. This is a collaboration between the coach and the client to achieve the
client’s goals. This is a highly personalized experience and will vary from client to client

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Unique Coaching style

We are not a gym. Fit for Life encourages camaraderie and support among the participants and the teachers. It’s about developing a lifestyle and habits that extend beyond the classes. We offer carefully designed programs with strength training, dance fitness, traditional dance, pilates, barre, and yoga for any age and any experience level.


Anyone Can Do It

Fun Environment

We always strive to provide a supportive and fun environment for the well-being of its community while mentally and physically challenging its clients. Fit for Life Jenkintown is a judgment-free zone that ensures no one will ever be concerned that they will fail or embarrass themselves while learning.

Laurel Sweeney

I attend 7:30 AM yoga on Saturdays at Fit for Life because the instructor, Allyson, guides us carefully through poses that build strength, stamina and tone. Her gentle classes, and great choices for accompanying music, are unique and very enjoyable. I find this studio has more heart and deep caring for improving the health, or simply adding joy to the lives of its clients, than any others I’ve visited.


Elizabeth Borge

Fun classes to keep you moving and great teachers. Check out Beginner Adult Contemporary and Afrojazz, both classes are great for new dancers or people that have been away from dance for a while.
The Zumba classes are fun too!


Ruby Johnson

Linda’s Tuesday night class was really fun and a good workout! I’ve only been able to attend one class so far due to my work schedule, but if I’m in the area soon I will try to come again. I would really recommend zumba with Linda – she has tons of enthusiasm and gets everyone involved!


Jonathan Magen

Highly recommend this place, the owner has a fantastically pragmatic view on well being. Absolutely worth dropping by in person, or at least checking out the website for their online classes. Wide variety of options (Tai Chi, even) and exceedingly reasonable prices. Elizabeth knows what’s up, check it out!


Veena Mehta

I attend chair yoga on zoom with Peggy. She is such a wonderful instructor, keeps us going, never felt that the class is boring. Thank you Peggy.


Margaret Fantini

Elizabeth is wonderful. She answered all my questions prior to taking her class and when I arrived she was gracious and remembered me. The class was relaxing and for a beginner, easy to follow. I can’t wait until my next class.



Meet Our
Talented instructors

Our instructors are authentic and caring people. You will always find an instructor that suits your interests and will push you towards your goals. Here at Fit For Life, we pride ourselves on our generous tight-knit community.


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