Is Calorie Counting For You?

If you’ve spent half your life calorie counting and find it boring and frustrating, don’t change it out for counting carbs. That’s just like calorie counting but with a twist. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and not worry about carbs or calories. There’s no need to record every bite, as long as you know the foods that are good for you and save you calories.

Learn about how to substitute one food for another.

Eating healthy isn’t really dieting. It’s just making smart choices when it comes to the food you eat. It may mean substituting brown rice for white rice to get more nutrients and cut out a few calories or having a healthy snack ready so you don’t wolf down a candy bar you bought at the gas station on the way home. It’s a learning process on simple changes to make when you eat and means you can eat anywhere.

Eating healthy means cutting out processed foods and supplementing your diet with whole foods.

Some of the most unhealthy foods you’ll find are in the deli section of the grocery. Processed meat like salami and hot dogs have very little nutritional value and contain a lot of calories, preservatives and salt. Many processed foods have had the nutrients cooked out of them or are filled with hidden sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. If you’re a label reader, you may even miss how high the content is because it’s disguised by using different terms and broken down to various types so it doesn’t appear high on the list. Processed baked goods, particularly those that contain white flour are also often unhealthy. To make matters worse, not all foods touted as health foods really are healthy.

Control the ingredients by making the dishes yourself.

It may seem like it takes more effort to make your own foods, but once you start and notice the difference in taste, you’ll be sold. Healthy diets don’t have to be difficult to follow or create. Some people make large portions and freeze half for later use, which saves both time and money. In fact, when you start eating healthy, you’ll not only notice you feel better, you’ll save money. Fast food and processed foods often cost more even though they contain fewer nutrients.

  • Once you learn how to eat healthier, you’ll never have to worry about gaining weight again. It takes weight off permanently.
  • There’s no failure when it comes to eating healthy. You can even have your favorite high calorie foods occasionally. Of course, not nearly as frequently as you did before and in smaller portions.
  • You won’t get hungry like you would counting calories when you eat healthier. Most people find they feel full and never feel deprived.
  • There are many bonuses you get from healthier eating that you don’t get from counting carbs or calories. One is a better complexion and another is more energy.

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