The Key To Getting Fit

If you’re looking for one magic key to getting fit, you’re going to be very disappointed with this article. There’s no one key to a successful program, but several important keys. The first one to fitness is getting started. No matter who I talk to, most people who have led a sedentary life find they spend a huge amount of time planning and reading about working out before they actually start. So, the very first key is to begin! Don’t wait to find the perfect workout or even wait until you have time to come in for an evaluation with a personal trainer. Start with something simple, like going for a walk after dinner.

Now that you’re moving, sit down and decide what your fitness goals are.

I know we always start you off, first with an assessment and then by helping to create a goal, before you ever begin a workout, but that’s when we’re creating your plan. For people working out on their own, just moving should be a starter. Once you’re moving, you need to decide what you want to achieve to create a plan that gets the best results.

Create the steps to reach your goals.

Those steps may include eating healthier with a specific whole food diet and a workout program that’s tough, but still doable. Some people who workout at this gym have tried a number of videos to help them on their quest. Unfortunately, the videos don’t jump out and wait for you to put them in the DVD and you aren’t held accountable if you miss a session. That brings me to a super important key to getting fit.

Stick with it.

Consistency, consistency, consistency!!! That’s the real key to fitness. Making sure you eat healthy and sticking with a plan of action even when you might feel discouraged or aren’t seeing results. Stick with it! You don’t have to have a sophisticated plan, like we’d provide you with at the gym. That just helps you achieve your goal faster. One man could barely walk because of his overwhelming obesity. In fact, the doctor told him he’d soon be crippled and then die. He started a program of exercise…well kind of a program of exercise. He opened his door and walked from his door to the curb, gasping for breath. Each week he went a little further and in a couple of years, became a distance runner, shedding several hundred pounds on his journey.

Personal trainers can provide a plan that will help you reach your goals quicker, which is why they’re so popular, but only you can achieve your fitness goals by carrying out those plans.

  • Make sure you include activities you enjoy each week, such as dancing, tennis or even walking. They provide great exercise and keep you moving, while helping you achieve your goals.
  • Look into some of the shorter exercise techniques if you’re stressed for time, such as HIIT.
  • Find a workout buddy. Exercising with a friend are not only fun, they can boost your motivation and keep you accountable. It’s one reason we do group workout sessions.
  • Find ways new ways to exercise that provide a total body workout, such as using kettlebells. They’re fun and produce great results quickly.

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