SCULPTAFIT Session Orientation Video #12

Please enjoy Configuration #12 Orientation Video BEFORE MONDAY

>>IMPORTANT NOTE << – Please Keep This Page PRIVATE. These Configuration/orientation videos are for PRIVATE-CLIENTS ONLY.

The Theme for Configuration #12 Is: “BAND-OLOGY

It’s no secret… Fitness Training Bands are a key ingredient in the SCULPTAFIT Method…

In most other fitness programs, Bands are underutilized, misused or misunderstood altogether…

But the right Bands, used properly, lend themselves perfectly to the unique, Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) that SCULPTAFIT is based on. The benefits they add to the mix are better stimulation of the mind and body, while greatly reducing risk of injury and set-backs…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Here’s the video!

Being that this method is 100% unique, it is important that you are familiar with the next SCULPTAFIT Circuit Sequence you’ll be doing very soon. While not “difficult” or risky, it is still ESSENTIAL to preview the next progression of the Method, so you are not coming in “wondering” what it’s going to be like, etc…

This will allow you, and your fellow female clients, to get the most out of your sessions, and allow you to feel that you’ve truly accomplished something positive, unique and beneficial.

if you’re a beginner or have certain limitations, YOUR AWESOME COACHES have several variations and substitute exercises to use where and when needed. So, no worries on that!

Some Important TIPS:

1 – Please watch the video session more than once, to pick up on the finer points of form, pause positions and variations (beginner VS advanced, etc.)

2 – REMEMBER: You’re not expected to master this right from the start. So, think of the first session or two as “primer” sessions, where you ‘learn’ the moves without feeling like you must ace everything. You will still get LOTS of benefits in the first few sessions – trust us on that 🙂

3 – ENJOY!! … and let your friends and co-workers know how AWESOME you feel as you continue your personal fitness & wellness journey on the SCULPTAFIT Method 🙂