Let’s Teach Our Kids To Be Healthy

While it’s normal for children to run like wild animals when playing and be active, it’s not necessarily how it is today. We are a nation of screens and video games and kids are caught up in the technology. Today, we have to take an active role to ensure that our kids get the activity they need. We have to do the same as adults, since manual labor has been replaced by modern machinery. How do you teach kids to be healthy? It starts by being a good role model.

You have to motivate your kids and what better way than playing with them?

It’s not always easy to find time to play with your children. You may still be at work when they get home from school, then there’s the dinnertime hassle and before you know it, it’s bedtime. One way to help is our kids club and youth program. They can come to the gym the same time as you do and both of you will get fit. Carving out time specifically each night to shoot hoops, ride bikes, play red light/green light or do hula hoops, for example, can create more than a healthy lifestyle for your kids, it creates bonds.

Save time with meal prep and let the kids help.

Have you ever tried meal planning and prep? You create a meal plan for the week, create a list of ingredients, shop on one night and then when you have time, usually on the weekend, cook all the meals for the week. We provide meal plans with our app with meals the kids can help prepare ahead. Meal prep can make mealtime easier, since all you have to do is heat it and serve. Kids can help. Nothing tastes better than a meal you helped create, so give them a starring role in the dinner.

Have water in the refrigerator ready to drink and cut out the sugary drinks.

Sometimes, having a drink already in the fridge can make it more appetizing. If your kids don’t like water, try infused water. You can make a wide variety of flavors without added sugar and even create ice cubes with fruit inside it. Steer clear of soft drinks and even fruit juice. While it might seem healthy and is better than soft drinks, fruit juice is high in sugar and doesn’t have the healthy fiber of the whole fruit. Infused water or water and the whole fruit is far better.

  • Combine the physical with the mental and learn about the wild life and plants before hiking or take a walk at the Houston Botanical Garden. Visiting the Museum District and stopping at the Health Museum can provide a great education.
  • Have healthy snacks in the refrigerator ready to eat after school or bagged in individual servings on the counter. Whether it’s cubed watermelon, a bag of nuts or homemade trail mix, they’ll learn healthy eating.
  • Set a bedtime and stick with it, for both you and your child. Getting adequate sleep is extremely important, so get them started out right, while you also break bad habits.
  • Make household chores part of your routine together. Cleaning house can be fun if you put your muscles into it. When you have helpers, it can also save time to do other activities with the kids.

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