Success Story: Ralph

This story is about my client, Ralph.

Just a little while ago he was a very different person.

Back in December 2018, he had no control over his life.

He was anxious, uncomfortable in his own skin, and feared premature death due to the lifestyle he was living.

Ralph was brought to the emergency room three times last year because he was afraid he was having a heart attack.

But this January, something clicked for Ralph. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So he decided to change.

He started paying close attention to his diet and the foods he consumed. Soon after, he joined a public gym and was doing some work on his own.

Then, after losing a large chunk of weight, Ralph hit a plateau.

That’s when he joined my coaching program.

We began working together and I immediately simplified & tightened up his nutrition.

As a result, Ralph has lost another 70 pounds of body fat, packed on a ton of lean muscle mass, significantly increased strength in all areas, and eased the pain in his problematic low back!

In total, Ralph has lost more than 150 pounds of body fat!

His confidence is through the roof, his blood markers have drastically improved and he is in the best shape of his life after recently turning 40!

Not only did Ralph lose all that weight, but he also got shredded in the process.

That’s an amazing transformation, and it wasn’t without hard work.

While Ralph might have been an extreme case the truth is this:

If these methods can work for Ralph, they can work for you too!

There are many lessons to be learned here from Ralph’s story, but let’s talk about three.

    1. If you want something bad enough, you can absolutely accomplish it. Regardless of how far away it may seem.
    2. There’s no magic tea, potion or pill that’s going to change your life. YOU are what will change your life. The choices you make and your daily actions are what will determine your outcome.
    3. Don’t try to do it on your own. You’ll only get so far before you hit a plateau or give up entirely. We’ve all been there before. Working with a real coach is what will get you to the outcome you want in less time.

So how did I help Ralph accomplish these outstanding results?


    1. I worked with him extensively on his nutrition. The goal was never to deprive him or create some unsustainable “diet” program. Instead, we spoke about foods that he enjoys and what he doesn’t, how much to eat and what to do when he fell “off track”
    2. He put in the work, asked me questions, accepted that he did not need “perfection” in his diet and began applying better eating habits into his life.
    3. He dropped the “all or nothing” mindset and approached his nutrition program the same way he approaches his training program; Progressively.
    4. We had accountability calls where I gave Ralph specific action steps to take each week.
    5. He executed

Simple, right? See how I didn’t say that we created some crazy restrictive diet or macro breakdown? We made simple changes to his hectic life which he loved, and gradually made progress.

Now, Ralph is literally a different person.

That’s what The Lean SOB Project is all about. You’ll get lean once and for all, build strength and gain the confidence to dominate.

You can do this, and I got your back.