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    Testimonial Picture of Paul Kaplan (2)

    “What the heck can I say?! was fat, I was weak and I was unhealthy as hell! After a pretty severe injury and life changing experience, I was depressed. I started eating crappy foods, stopped exercising all together and hit an all-time low. Once I realized I was too out of shape and tired to play with my baby girl, I was determined to change my life for good! But I was so lost I didn’t even know where to begin. I think it’s safe to say the Chris Tutela’s Hard Gainer’s Guide to Real World Strength and Muscle program SAVED MY LIFE! I was taught every single thing I needed to know to transform. I was melting off body fat, getting stronger and building muscle! At first I didn’t even think it would be possible to change my physique, butt learned quickly that I was wrong! With a coach like Chris Tutela designing your program and showing you what to do, there will be NO STOPPING YOU EITHER!”

    Paul Kaplan