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    “What can I say about the guy who changed my life forever? When I first came to Chris my strength was pathetic, I had a high level of body fat, and my energy levels were non-existent. I was getting married in just 5 short months and I had to be ready to look my best and feel my best; it was a great opportunity to become a better version of myself and finally put an end to the excuses . Chris sized me up and it was time to go to work. Each training session would put me through my paces but Chris was behind me the whole way making sure I got through it all, failure was not an option. Not only were the training sessions top notch but so was his expert dieting plan. Combining it all and the result is me shedding 40 pounds of body fat in 5 months and you can bet I gained plenty of lean muscle mass in the process. I felt and looked fantastic and was proud of what I had achieved. I could hardly believe the strides I made in my strength gains alone. I will never train the same, I will never eat the same, and I will never be the same. This is what training, not exercising, is all about! Bottom line: if you are serious about undergoing a true body transformation both inside and outside call Chris immediately. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”

    Robert Gugliuzza