Cryotherapy Westminster

It’s well known that cryotherapy can help make you look years younger, but newer technology using many of the same principals called Cryo T-Shock is even better. It’s available in Westminster and becoming more and more popular because of all the benefits it provides. Not only can it help you recover from an injury faster and reduce the pain of arthritis, it also can help you look years younger and lose weight. That’s pretty impressive.

Cryotherapy uses just cold treatment, Cryo T-Shock uses both cold and warm.

How does this new technology work? It starts out similar to cryotherapy using cold to boost collagen production, but takes it a step further by alternating that cold treatment with a warm one that’s measured based on what your needs are. People who want tighter skin will get a different combination of time for each warm and cold treatments. That triggers deeper layers of collagen and elastin to develop, tightens the skin, dissolves fat or soothes aching muscles and speeds recovery from injury.

Whether you want to lose weight or have lost weight and are faced with sagging skin, Cryo T-Shock helps.

When you lose weight, fat cells never disappear, they simply lose interior liquid and shrink. Cryo T-Shock actually cause fat cells to die and be removed in the lymphatic system, blood or in urine. They disappear. Unlike fat cells that can expand up to 50 times their size, fat cells that are no longer there won’t cause that problem. It’s quick and reduces the thickness of the fat layer. Cryo T-Shock also helps tighten skin after weight loss. It looks smoother and can beneficial for all parts of the body.

You’ll look years younger with a Cryo T-Shock facial treatment or get relief from pain.

Whether you want to remove wrinkles and tighten skin or just get relief from painful muscle injury, Cryo T-Shock can provide it. It works immediately to smooth skin and provide a glow, but the biggest difference comes days or weeks later as the skin builds new collagen and elastin. When used on injuries, it brings relief from pain, reducing inflammation and boosting healing.

  • If you want a treatment that will make you look thinner quicker, Cryo T-Shock can speed the process. It’s even more impressive when you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • There’s no need to go under the blade to get a face that’s years younger. This non-invasive technique can do it quickly. In just one session, you’ll see how it reduces lines and puffiness, providing a brighter more youthful appearance.
  • Cellulite is a big problem that occurs when fat cells bulge through to create a lumpy, grapefruit skin appearance. Cryo T-Shock can help smooth your skin and eliminate the appearance of cellulite.
  • Many things lead to the depletion of collagen and elastin. Pollution, stress, smoking and ultraviolet radiation are a few. Aging also does it. Collagen and elastin break down accelerates at the same time new formation slows. Cryo T-Shock boosts the creation of new elastin and collagen.

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