Lose Fat And See The Difference Quickly At A Cryo Spa In Westminster

It’s hard to lose weight and even worse, harder to shed it from specific areas. Now there’s a targeted method that is being used at a cryo spa in Westminster. What is this technology and how does it work? It’s called Cryo T-Shock. Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t get a shock. Instead, it uses hot and cold therapy on the fat cells. Since fat cells are more vulnerable to the effects of cold, they die. It’s done in a controlled manner, so only they are effected and then swept away by the body’s natural method to remove those cells.

You’ll do more than just lose weight, you’ll lose fat cells.

One problem with weight loss is that the fat cells remain. When you shed pounds, the fat cells don’t disappear, they just lose the liquid fat and shrink, the cell still remains. Fat cells can shrink and grow to up to 50 times its size. The Cryo T-Shock treatment actually causes you to lose fat cells and they’re removed by the body via the blood, urine and lymphatic system. This type of treatment is good for both men and women.

If you’ve lost weight or simply lost skin tone, Cryo T-Shock can help you with that, too.

Cryo T-Shock is helpful for people who have lost weight, too. Whether you’re still seeing the stretched skin from pregnancy or a successful weight loss program, you don’t have to wait months or years to see that loose skin tighten. Sometimes, left on its own, it always looks stretched and wrinkled. The treatment for tightening skin after weight loss, uses different parameters of cold and heat to tighten the skin and get your skin to a smoother, toned appearance.

Get rid of those dimpled and cottage cheese thighs with Cryo T-Shock.

Fat deposits that break through the collagen fibers causes that lumpy grapefruit-skin look of cellulite. No matter what your weight, you can have collagen. The thinner you are, the less noticeable it is, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be seen. The heat and cold therapy of Cryo T-Shock not only boosts the production of collagen fibers, it destroys the fat cells and fibers holding them together that give that lumpy appearance. You’ll see smooth, skin free from dimpling after treatments.

  • Cryo T-Shock treatments are painless, safe and a great alternative to more invasive liposuction. It doesn’t use gas, ice or other substance, but creates thermal shocks of hot and cold to provide benefits.
  • Unlike other treatments to remove fat cells that are invasive in any way, the Cryo T-Shock targets specific fat cells, eliminating the potential for unintended damage to surrounding tissue that surround the cells.
  • Cryo T-Shock has been proven to reduce the fat in targeted areas by 20 to 40%. It’s quick and effective, making it excellent when you want quicker results for an upcoming event.
  • Sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, there are trouble spots where the fat doesn’t want to budge. Cryo T-Shock is perfect for those areas, such as thighs, face, neck, stomach, butt and love handles.

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