Cody Barton

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    BS in Exercise and Health Fitness, University of Limerick
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    NCEF certified personal trainer
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    NCEF certified strength & conditioning coach
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    NCEF certified pilates instructor

From a young age Cody has always been a big sportsperson, growing up in Dublin, Ireland he was exposed to all types of sports and physical activity. As he grew into his teens he decided to put his focus into Rugby and Gaelic Football, with that he gained exposure to the strength and conditioning aspect of it, and fell in love with it straight away. From that point he knew it was something he wanted to make a career out of. Cody has always had a passion for helping others and believes that health and fitness is the best tool to utilize that passion. 

Cody, while still in college, started out as an assistant strength and conditioning coach in his old high school where he learned and shadowed from his peers to begin developing his skills as a coach. From that point, Cody slowly began going up the ranks and eventually reached a point where he became the head of strength and conditioning for his hometown’s u20 rugby team, Clontarf RFC. Between that time period Cody also successfully ran his own personal training business and developed a successful catalogue of clients who were able to reach their own goals.

Cody’s training philosophies are largely based around having a balanced lifestyle, “work hard, play hard” being his favorite motto. Cody’s main goal is to make fitness and health as fun and enjoyable as possible to the point where it doesn’t feel like a task, just second nature. 

Outside of training, Cody enjoys playing golf, hanging with friends / family, and watching movies.

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