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The Process

  1. Fill out our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  2. Schedule and come in for your UpFit Assessment
  3. We work with you to set specific goals and to create the most effective and personalized training program
  4. Experience the personalization and team dynamic of our training sessions coached by our highly vetted and experienced staff
  5. Take advantage of our personalized programming software as well as the industry leading Precision Nutrition ProCoach curriculum to get and KEEP your results
  6. Stay consistent and motivated through the support of our coaches and community. Members gain access to our private Facebook group to share questions, receive feedback, and learn the most effective strategies for success.

Our Formula For Your Success

Our signature Small Group Training Class is the most effective form of fitness training in the industry. A study from Northern Arizona University showed increased motivation, consistency, and overall satisfaction with the training program and themselves in a similar Small Group Training Class. While we highly recommend this program, we’ve also made Personal Training available for those who prefer a 1-on-1 option.

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Personal Training or Small Groups as many as 4 to increase accountability & support

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We provide a community of like-minded people grounded by our core values that want to get better

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See measurable improvements when using our heart rate and programming software

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Strength training to develop lean muscle, power, & increased metabolism

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Conditioning to improve energy, fat loss, tone, & endurance

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Exercises are chosen specifically for each member to accommodate all levels of fitness

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Industry leading Precision Nutrition coaching to get and KEEP your results

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Support through our private Facebook group and access to easy online booking

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Highly vetted and passionate staff with combined decades of experience

The UpFit Difference



If you’re ready to start seeing life-changing results like our other members, ask about our longer-term 3 month and 12 month programs! Commit to 3 months and receive an additional week of training on us. Commit to 12 months and receive an additional month of training on us AND 10% OFF your entire program. Contact us to see if this option makes sense for you!


Personal Training Prepaid Packages

While we recommend our membership options to ensure consistency and results, packages are available for those unable to commit to a set training schedule due to travel or inconsistent work schedules. All packages are paid in full and expire in 6 months.
Travel-out services have a $50 surcharge per session.

FREE UpFit Assessment

This 1-on-1 assessment and strategy session will allow us to design a personalized training program to fit your specific needs. Based on your performance, we create a customized strength and conditioning profile to make sure you get the most out of your workouts and overall program.

  • Goal Setting
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Status
  • Movement Screen
  • Strength & Conditioning Assessment
  • No Obligation/Commitment!
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7 Day Jump Start Program only $199

Get acquainted with our UpFit Training program, mindset, and community, as you get a jump start on your fitness journey. Expect to see a boost in metabolism, energy, and motivation, as UpFit’s signature small group training program combines individualization with the fun dynamic energy of a group setting and is available in person at our private gym in NYC or from home.

  • UpFit Assessment
  • 2 Small Group Training Classes
  • 30 min Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategy Session
  • No Obligation/Commitment!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.