“It's magic and it's working!”

    Wes is one of the most knowledgeable and creative trainers with whom I have ever worked. As someone currently working in the Health Profession, I have met many trainers who can craft a good workout but lack a thorough understanding of body bio mechanics and what to do if your client has anatomical restrictions. Wes noticed my ROM issues right away and had no problem working with them.

    Wes’ varied fitness background means that he has worked with all fitness levels and abilities. For example, I’m currently working to gain strength and am only able to train at a time when he has other clients present, clients who are significantly better conditioned than me. This would be a train wreck for a more novice trainer, but Wes is a pro and arranges the session so everyone reaches their peak training range.

    I don’t know how he makes it work so smoothly, and I don’t need to know. It’s magic and it’s working!

    Alexandra S