“these 2 guys are the perfect combination of a personal trainer”

    I’ve been training and competing in mixed martial arts for a few years,but I always felt that something was missing in my competition/training strategy,I met Westley Chow training mma and he helped me to realize that strength and conditioning needed to be implemented to compliment my training,in 2 years I’ve been able to change my body in so many aspects like: from doing 2 pull ups to 12 non stop,deadlift or squat 3 times my body weight for up to 8 reps,I’m able to perform up to 3 1 1/2 training sessions(jiu jitsu,boxing and S&C) a day without feeling the need to stop due to exhaustion,Im able to breathe,sleep and perform my daily activities better than I used to,the best part of training with Wes and Paul Park is that these 2 guys are the perfect combination of a personal trainer,they have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years with hundreds of clients and they are really committed to change your life and make you a healthier and stronger and a more confident individual using their amazing and fun training systems,on top of each exercise you’ll be performing under their supervision,you’ll be receiving a lot of information on how your body reacts or change to each workout,you’ll learn a lot of new things from the fitness industry from them,these guys are amazing coaches and motivators!! I promise you that you wont regret the decision to start training with the new 2 TOP NYC TRAINERS! Check them out!!

    Fabian Z