A great way to build balanced lower body strength!

A great way to build balanced lower body strength!

Knee Dominant Unilateral Progression

UpFit Training Academy

Jacob O’Connor, Brian Santanelli

Personal training and group fitness programs often take advantage of unilateral movements. Unilateral is just our way of saying using one side of the body at a time. These movements require a degree of balance and insure each side is working independent of the other. This prevents strength discrepancies which can lead to discomfort, pain, and injury! A priority of any personal training or small group program is to keep you healthy, which is why you might see a lot of these movements. These exercises a great for keeping your legs, hips, and back feeling strong and pain free!

Some of our favorite knee dominant unilateral movements can be found below. Enjoy!


Split Squat

Lateral Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

Forward Lunge

Sliding Lateral Lunge

These are some of the best knee dominant unilateral movements out there. Utilizing these exercises is a sure fire way to strengthen those legs, improve balance, and improve joint health! If you’ve been dealing with discomfort and can’t seem to find relief these just might be the key for you. We hope these help you to get out of discomfort and into balanced movement!

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