Are Protein Supplements Dangerous?

Whether they’re trying to lose weight or build muscles, some clients of UpFit Training Academy in New York, NY, have wondered whether the protein supplements advertised can help. You see a lot of information on the internet, some of it promotes these supplements and other information says protein supplements are dangerous. For instance, protein supplements can be beneficial for elderly and sick people who have a hard time eating enough or digesting adequate protein.

You can get too much protein, even if it’s good for you.

One of the biggest problems with using protein supplements it that you can get too much protein and protein supplements may contain other substances that aren’t good for you taken in large quantities. Some protein supplements also have high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Consuming too much can cause damage to the body. Other protein supplements that come from soy can actually increase the body’s estrogen levels. If you’re lactose intolerant, avoid protein supplements with whey and dairy products. Too much protein can also cause kidney damage by putting an extra burden on the kidneys. It also can cause constipation. Protein supplements with whey protein may cause concerns about osteoporosis and potential liver damage.

The best way to add protein to your diet is by eating a food source of protein.

While not everyone can eat enough protein or process it properly to get the full benefit, most people can. Adding extra protein to your meals, particularly if you’re trying to build muscle tissue, is the best way to achieve that goal. Not only do you get the additional protein, but other nutrients found in whole food. You’ll feel full and satisfied consuming whole foods. Supplements can’t supply that feeling.

There may be good reason to supplement your diet with protein.

Vegetarians have more of a problem filling their protein need. They have to combine two sources of protein to get a complete source. A protein supplement can help make it easier. A good vegan protein supplement helps fill the gap. If you’re an athlete, you may need extra protein if you’re in training and building muscle mass. If you need to stabilize blood sugar when under stress to avoid hypoglycemia or to help repair tissue that breaks down under stress, protein supplements can help.

  • Extra protein from a supplement can help with weight loss. It makes you feel fuller for longer, so you aren’t tempted to eat other high calorie food.
  • If you’re just beginning a workout program, supplementing a little with protein can help. You’ll need it to build muscle tissue and use more than you normally would. We can help you with a healthy diet to increase your protein intake, so you don’t have to supplement.
  • Watch out for additives if you choose a protein supplement. In order to make the supplements more palatable, some have added sugar and flavoring. You’ll be far better off eating Greek yogurt and fruit than choosing that type.
  • Most people find that adding a bit of protein supplement to their smoothie is the best way to use it. Many types of protein supplements are hard to dissolve in water and can taste awful.

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