Are You Ready For Swimsuit Season?

It’s a little late, but never too late, to get ready for swimsuit season. There’s a lot you can do to improve your appearance and confidence in the next few weeks. What’s even better than that is the fact you’ll have a head start and can also work on getting the body you want to ring in the new year. In fact, if weight loss is a goal, I can envision you getting clothing in a smaller size for your future Christmas gift. When is the best time to start? TODAY!!

How many times have you thought about doing something important and then life got in the way.

We all have those great goals that float in our heads for years and never get accomplished. Why? The reason is because they really weren’t goals, but just wishes. Turn those thoughts into goals and do something. Increase your activity. Go for walks at lunch. Do a few exercises when you get home from work. Make it a formal workout by using our virtual training, where you get help from our trainers. Our trainers can help you get faster results and provide motivation to stick with your program.

It’s summer, the perfect time for healthy eating.

What could be better than getting fresh produce at the market. It’s time to switch from processed foods and fried delights to healthy, delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing they taste, especially when the weather is hot. We have some clients that have a patio garden where they grow fresh greens and tomatoes. It might be too late for you to do that, but not too late to take advantage of farmer’s markets in your area.

Track your progress, because winners keep score.

Getting started is important, but so is tracking your progress. No matter what your goal, there are several ways to measure your success. You can use weight, inches or clothing sizes for weight loss goals and track endurance, weight lifted or number of reps you could do for fitness goals. We provide online tracking and in person tracking if you come to the gym. Seeing your success unfold based on your results can be exciting and keep you motivated to do more.

  • If you aren’t sure where to start with your healthy diet, at UpFit Academy, part of our program includes nutrition coaching to help you learn the healthiest options.
  • Getting more competitive can help you get better results. You don’t have to have a workout partner to do that, you can compete against yourself. Always try to do one more set or one more repetition. You’ll see results faster when you do.
  • Make this summer your best ever and build on that to improve your life. You’ll find that changing your wish for a better body to a goal and ultimately success can transfer to other areas of your life. The sky is the limit when you just get moving.
  • Ask for a personalized consultation. We can help you make your dream a reality with a free UpFit assessment and our seven day jump start program. You’ll be glad you did.

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