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Small Group Personal Training – The Perfect Middle Ground

group personal training upfit

Semi Private Personal Training – Is it for me?

Yes! Seems like we’re jumping the gun? Well… Upfit’s small group training program is for everyone.

Personal trainers are incredibly effective for achieving your fitness goals. They help you with form, programming and keep you motivated throughout. But what if we told you that with group training you get the focus of a personal trainer and the fortified support of a community working right alongside you. You know how they say there’s power in numbers well group training might be just what you need to unleash your own.

The cost of semi-private training is the perfect middle ground.

We’d be remiss if we ignored the cost aspect. After all it’s a major factor in almost every life decision. Group personal training is the equivalent of a ride share with your friends. You’re all headed in the same direction and in either situation you’re going to get there, but with a group you’re going to split the bill and have some laughs along the way. Not only that but you’ll be able to take a cab more often due to the savings from that last ride. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

But I’m used to training one on one. Won’t I lose some of that attention?

Small groups will still have a private trainer giving you all the personal attention, the right pointers and ensure you’re using proper form. You will still have the utmost highest quality fitness training program tailored specifically to your needs. Often people worry that the transition to a group from one on one training will decrease the efficiency of the program but, in the hands of the right trainer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. What’s actually going to happen is you will still be guided thoroughly but also gain the energy and support from those who have joined you in your journey. It’s an extremely powerful tool in being able to push your body to new limits. This pack mentality will help you break through mental and physical barriers you never thought possible. Consistently training in a group setting has you motivating each other. It’s easy to skip leg day (and then another one, and then another one…) when you’re training alone. When training together, peer motivation will keep you going.

Large fitness classes get me motivated. Is this really right for me?

Group fitness classes are wonderful. You jump into a high intensity activity with a sea of people and burn burn burn for the next hour. This goes on for a while and then you hit a very common roadblock; injury. In massive group classes it can be very difficult for a single trainer to be able to keep tabs on the proper forms of all the attendees. A warm up for one person is a full workout for another. We can’t fault them because it would be nearly impossible for any fitness trainer to train 20+ people with any sort of focus or control. Sadly, injuries can set someone back and even stop them from ever returning to the activities they love. At UpFit our trainers are going to keep you excited about your workout and just as motivated as any large class but they’re going to do it in a safe manner that allows you to continue pain free.


Semi-Private training sessions are the perfect middle ground between the most popular training modalities. UpFit’s signature cost efficient small group training program combines individualization with the fun dynamic energy of a group setting. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level come try it out today. You’ll wonder how you trained any other way. Check out the results other members have had!