Bicep Workouts At Home

Whether you workout online or in person at UpFit Training Academy in New York, NY, you probably strive for a particular look, especially when it comes to abs and arms. While everyone wants to look stronger, even women, few actually want bulging biceps and instead prefer for lean, but toned ones with a bit of a curve and more when flexed. There’s a lot of reasons people can’t make it to the gym at the times when the gym is open, which is why we offer virtual training that provide bicep workouts at home.

The bicep has two heads to work.

You need to work both heads and it’s even better if you work other muscle groups in the area, such as triceps, back, shoulders and chest. You don’t have to have dumbbells or barbells, you can use bodyweight workouts. Push-ups can do it, but only if you modify the push-up. Standard ones just build the chest, triceps and deltoids. Changing the placement of your hands. Put your hands closer together, leaving just a few inches in between. The closer you put them, the harder the push-up becomes. When you lower yourself, your elbows will flare out at about a 45 degree angle. Raise yourself back up and repeat. Do as many as you can.

You’ll be surprised at how much equipment you have in your home.

Do you have a backpack? Do you shop for groceries? Do you have a broomstick? All of those can be used as equipment. Fill your backpack with books or canned goods or carry your groceries to the car without a cart. Hold either one by its handle to your side, arm straight. Bend your elbow slowly as you bring your arm toward your shoulder, maintaining total control during the vertical rise. Don’t allow your arms to swing side to side. Use the broomstick loaded with backpacks or purses with cans on both sides and do a curl.

Most people have a sturdy chair in their home, but make sure it doesn’t have rollers.

You can do push-up style dips using a sturdy coffee table or a chair. The key is the way you hold your hands. Place your palms up with your fingers pointing down and grasp the seat of the chair, thumbs on top of the seat. Slowly lower your body to work the biceps and as you push back up, you’ll work the triceps. Your body should be straight with feet out behind you, as in a modified push-up position. Only lower yourself as far as you can comfortable.

  • If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you’ll be surprised at what you can use to do curls. Fill water bottles, use soup cans, milk jugs or laundry detergent jugs with sand or water.
  • You can do towel curls at home or in a hotel room. Put a rolled up towel behind one thigh, with each hand grasping one end. Use your leg as the resistance and pull until you lift it off the ground.
  • Resistance bands are a good tool to build biceps and are cheap and easy to store. For a bicep curl, put one on the floor, standing on it with feet shoulder-width and grasping an end in each hand. Slowly lift the bands with your palms facing up, then back to starting position.
  • You can modify the bicep curl by changing your hand position. Do a hammer curl with your palms facing each other as you grasp the handles of the resistance bands or a reverse curl by placing palms downward.

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