Confidence Is Like A Muscle; It Must Be Built

Do you, like many others, hold the self-limiting belief that you can’t lose weight, get that raise or learn a new skill? This is a good opportunity to practice self-awareness and ask yourself why. Is it because you tried to lose weight before and didn’t succeed the way you wanted to? Maybe you have asked for a raise before and were shut down. Or maybe you have actually succeeded at your desired goal before, but something unexpected happened in your journey causing you to stop progressing. Whatever it is, your past experiences do not have to define your future when pursuing a goal. Building confidence and belief in ourselves takes practice, but we can always go back to those skills if we ever fail at a weight loss program or get rejected from a job and pick ourselves right back up.


Success breeds success

Exercise has a strong association with difficulty. As a result, when people start a new exercise program, they can tend to do too much, too fast. This can be difficult for our confidence because if we set our expectations too high, we may not be able to stick with that original plan. When first starting an exercise program, it’s important to be realistic so that we can build upon our small wins. At UpFit Training Academy, we sit down with our clients to come up with clear and manageable goals so that their confidence can be built in the early stages of training with us. Small successes early on lead to bigger successes down the line as our confidence increases, motivating us to do more.

Confidence is Built Through Action

On the other hand, some people underestimate what may be necessary to achieve their fitness goals. Without the required action to achieve our goal, it may be very difficult to build confidence as there is nothing to feel confident about. If we don’t push ourselves we will always be stuck in the same place. This is why our trainers heavily rely on progression and overload to not only improve and reach our client’s goals but to also build confidence week to week when clients see their numbers improve.

Final Confidence Building Tips

  • Eating healthily can build our confidence by making us feel good about ourselves and our body, on top of increased energy levels. Check out this blog post for more information.
  • Sometimes faking it till you make it can build confidence. Speak confidently, walk confidently, and have a confident posture. Even if you don’t feel it immediately, you are starting to understand what it’s like to act like a confident person.
  • Set up small wins for yourself. Setting realistic expectations in your life is important; make sure they are challenging yet attainable. If it’s too easy, you won’t build your confidence because you already knew you’d be able to achieve it.

Exercise is one of the best tools to build confidence because it inherently boosts our mood via endorphins, making us feel better about ourselves. To learn more about how we approach training, visit UpFit Academy. 


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