How to be Mentally Strong!

The Prowler Sled Push will get you mentally strong

What separates the mentally strong from the mentally weak?

Happy July, and more importantly a happy official midpoint of the year 2018.

These are some thoughts that I have come across that have kept me personally in check and strong mentally.

What are the bad habits holding you back?

Did you know that studies show how our negative thoughts make up more than 80% of all our thoughts for the day?

We are geared toward being negatively biased in the name of survival.

What do mentally strong people not do?

They are conscious of the theme of thoughts that rents space in your head.

The thoughts that impede your acts of greatness and courage.

What are these thoughts that you tell yourself?

Maybe you are…

Throwing a pity party for yourself, “why does this always happen to me?”


Comparing yourself to others, making others the cause of your problems, feeling superiority, feeling less than.


Feeling entitled, saying life is unfair.

The truth is, life is not fair, and stuff will not always happen the way you want it to.

These thoughts seemingly feel so little in the moment, are what we call rationalizations. It’s how we cope when are actions don’t line up with our intentions.

But they can cascade.

Into who you are, the way you act, how you carry yourself.

Instead, go through the discomforts, own it, teach yourself you can handle anything.

You have everything you need to move forward.

What’s one small 1% you can take today?

What do mentally strong people not do?

Make a note of it and take action on it today!


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