Is Coconut Water Good For Diabetes?

We encourage hydration before, during and after a workout at UpFit Training Academy in New York, NY. Some people bring sports drinks, others rely on ordinary water and lately, quite a few have started bringing coconut water. Not only is coconut water good for hydrating, it contains nutrients and antioxidants. Studies show that it may be good for heart health, prevention of kidney stones, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, making it good for those with diabetes.

Animal studies indicate that it could be an aid for diabetics.

While the human research isn’t yet conclusive, animal studies show that it improved several markers indicating better health. Rats that were given coconut water had better control of blood sugar levels than the control group that didn’t. It also lowered hemoglobin A1c that points to better control of blood sugar over the long term. Other studies showed it lowered markers for oxidative stress.

Coconut water also contains fiber.

Animal studies also showed other important information, but weren’t necessary to identify some of the reasons it might be good for diabetics. It has a low carb count, just six grams per cup. It has higher magnesium to stimulate insulin sensitivity, lowering blood sugar levels in prediabetics and type 2 diabetics. However, you do have to watch what you drink. Some options for coconut water have added sugar and any health benefits disappear.

There are different types of coconut water, besides sweetened and unsweetened.

If you’re buying commercial coconut water, finding the right type shouldn’t be a problem. However, If you’re one of those people that prefer the freshest possible drink and food, choosing to get the drink straight from the coconut, be aware you need to buy white coconuts. The younger the coconut, the sweeter the water. As a coconut ages, the sugar is absorbed by the meat. Older coconuts are brown—unless they’re treated with a chemical to keep them white. White coconuts have the sweetest liquid and is what is used for commercial coconut water.

  • If you’re adding coconut water or any new type of food to your diet, always check with your health care professional to ensure it’s okay to do. Most professionals recommend that diabetics limit coconut water intake to one or two cups a day.
  • You’ll get electrolytes with coconut water. While it’s a small addition, it is one reason to drink it if you’re working out for a long period at peak performance.
  • If you’re dehydrated due to diarrhea or sickness, coconut water could help. It’s better than the option of sports drinks and may aid in replenishing electrolytes.
  • Our nutrition experts and trainers can help you with a healthy diet, besides offering a program of regular exercise. They can help create a diet that includes healthy hydration options.

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