Keeping Fit On The Go

It’s been a tough time and getting back to normal is even tougher. As your life gets busier and more complicated, with travel to other parts of the country, keeping fit on the go becomes one of the more perplexing problems. I have some clients that prefer the gym environment and strictly workout here. Others schedule time once or twice a month, and other times they workout on their own using the virtual training. Still, others are quite content to use the virtual training for their normal workout and one on the go. No matter which you do, stay fit should be your top priority. So do the one that works best for you.

Exercising on the go can be far easier than you thought.

Just getting up 45 minutes to an hour earlier can help you get your workout in for the day, so that life’s interruptions don’t get in the way. Not only is starting your day with a workout a good way to keep you on schedule, it also gets your blood circulating and makes you more alert. Our virtual program is excellent for early morning risers and those who travel.

We have exercise programs that don’t require a lot of space and can be done anywhere.

Many people have switched to strictly working at home, so taking a break from work to workout is excellent. You can break the sessions into two or three ten to fifteen minute sessions to give yourself a break from sitting. If you’re on the road, simply stopping at a rest stop and taking time to do lunges, squats beside your vehicle or simply walk around can get your blood circulating. Resistance bands are also great on-the-go pieces of equipment. Our virtual workouts can be done in a hotel room if you’re out of town.

Staying healthy on-the-go also means eating healthier.

Plan and schedule your meals ahead of time, especially if you’re busy. We have nutritional programs that can help you do it. Take time on the weekend to prepare all the food for the week and use it throughout the week when you’re busiest. You’ll be less tempted to opt for fast food if you already have healthy food ready.

  • Much of the virtual training program uses no equipment and bodyweight exercises. If you normally come to the gym for training, your trainer can create a program for you to use on the road.
  • No matter what you do, always break up longer periods of sitting by moving around approximately five to ten minutes every hour. Studies show that long periods of sitting can wipe out much of the benefit that exercise brings.
  • Make changes in your life to increase your activity. Park further from the store and walk, take the stairs not the elevator and walk faster, taking longer strides when you’re out and about.
  • Don’t skip sleep and stay hydrated. Drink approximately eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily and get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.

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