Learn to Jump at UpFit

In this post I will be teaching you proper jumping form. Jumping movements are a good way to get your heart rate up while also working on balance, strength and explosiveness. It is important that you know the correct technique when introducing a jumping pattern into your program to minimize the risk of injury and create max force output. I have broken down the movement into 3 simple drills to get you started on your jumping journey!


The first movement is the drop squat. Here you will be learning proper landing technique. This movement can be used in various exercises, like squat jumps or the overhead med-ball slam we commonly use here at UpFit. It is important with this movement to learn how to absorb the force when you are landing to prevent injuries when you start doing more advanced movements.

Our second movement is the jump squat with counter movement. This is a progression from the drop squat so make sure you have that movement down before advancing to the jump squat with counter movement. This movement is important because here’s where you’re going to learn to absorb the power from the drop squat and use it to explode up.

Our final movement is the continuous jump squat. This is the most advanced movement of the three. At this step you will be combining the first two movements (the drop squat and jump squat with counter movement) absorbing and creating force one right after the other.



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