The Sleep And Weight Loss Connection

If you’re a person that thinks lack of sleep means you’re doing the honorable thing—as in working longer hours—or having more fun, think again. It may be why you’re having problems with weight loss and not getting the results you want. Most people make this mistake, especially in the US, where longer hours are almost worn like a medal. Lack of sleep can almost make weight loss more difficult. In fact, you’ll burn calories while you sleep and you can even boost the number of calories you burn.

There’s a hormonal imbalance that can affect your weight loss if you get too little sleep.

When you have the proper hours and type of rest, your body is energized and ready to go. You’ll be hungry, but won’t crave sugary treats and will find sticking to a pattern of healthy eating far easier. That’s because too little sleep can cause a disruption in the production of hormones that control your hunger. It causes the body to make too much ghrelin—the hunger hormone, and too little leptin—the one that makes you feel full. That makes losing weight even harder.

Adequate sleep boosts your metabolism.

That’s right. Sleep is important to the health of all parts of the body. It helps you keep your energy flowing throughout the day. Lack of sleep can slow you down and make weight loss even tougher. One review showed that lack of sleep increased the potential for obesity in adults by 55 % and 89% in children. You’ll have more energy during your workout when you get adequate sleep and that continues throughout the day.

Increase the amount of calories you burn while you sleep by eating some protein.

If you’re looking for a bedtime snack that can help you burn more calories, try some cottage cheese. The casein protein in it boosts the number of calories you burn while you sleep. Protein takes time to digest, about seven hours, so your metabolism will be on high throughout the night into the early morning. That can help you workout harder when you first get up and provides the protein at night for muscle repair.

  • Not only does more sleep help you lose weight, the temperature of your room can help you lose belly fat. Keeping the temperature in the room at 66 degrees doubled the amount of belly fat lost compared to those who slept in 75 and 81 degree rooms according to one study.
  • When you don’t get enough sleep, you often find yourself reaching for something sweet to give you that little energy boost. What goes up, must come down and that’s true of your blood sugar, which means you’ll need another boost just a few hours later.
  • If you want the best rest and the type that can help you lose weight easier, don’t set the clock for earlier and hit the snooze. Set it for the time you need to get up and then do it. It provides more uninterrupted sleep to help you lose more weight.
  • If you want the maximum benefits from your sleep, make sure you get a deep sleep, where you burn the most calories. You can do that by establishing a sleep/wake-up schedule and sticking with it.

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