Why Planks Are So Good For You

If you workout at UpFit Academy in New York, NY, you’ll have a personalized program at group rates. We use science backed workouts that help you get fit fast. Just because we’re using the latest information, it doesn’t mean we throw out traditional workouts. In fact, many traditional exercises, like planks, are even more valued thanks to scientific investigation. What are some of the benefits of this simple, but not so easy, exercise?

What are planks and why are they in most programs.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a good workout program that doesn’t include some form of a plank. What is a plank? You start a plank by lying on your stomach, then moving until you support your body weight on your toes and elbows and holding. When doing a plank, you keep your back straight. It’s all about form. The key, unlike other exercises that opt for repetitions, is to extend the amount of time you hold that position. Another basic plank form is the side plank with all the weight on one hand or elbow and one foot. You can also do a straight arm plank where your arms are straight and the weight rests on the palms of the hands. Those three forms are often modified to create new, challenging forms.

One of the main benefits of planks is building core muscles.

Building strong core muscles is important. The core muscles are lower back muscles, hips, pelvic floor and abdominals. They help you perform daily tasks that can be as diverse as lifting or urinary continence. Planks are considered isometric exercises, which you’re contracting muscles without moving joints. They stabilize muscles. Strong core muscles boost your ability to lift, improve running, improves your ability to twist and bend side to side and strengthens you back while toning your butt.

You’ll have better posture when you do planks.

Good posture requires having a stable core. Why is good posture important? It improves breathing, helps digestion, reduces headaches, reduces back pain, reduces joint wear and tear, improves lung capacity and cardiovascular efficiency. Good posture helps you look more confident and when you do, people treat you as though you are confident. Improved posture can help reduce body aches, including TMJ and makes you look and feel younger and more energetic. You’ll improve flexibility when you do planks and that includes shoulders, collarbones, hamstrings and back muscles. That helps you avoid injuries whether they come from working out or daily tasks.

  • Doing planks can improve your metabolism. It burns tons of calories and builds muscle tissue. Planks challenge most of the muscles in the body at one time and is more effective than sit-ups or crunches.
  • You’ll notice your mood improves when you do planks. It aids in releasing stiff muscles that can occur when you don’t exercise and in doing that, helps chase away stress and boosts hormones that make you feel good.
  • Whether you do straight arm or elbow planks when you start, do it for at least a minute at a time and build. If you can’t do a plank for a full minute, make a minute your goal and work toward it gradually.

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