“I lost 20.5 pounds in just 6 weeks!!”

    “People our age can’t do that. I’ve seen what Christy had to do and people our age can’t do that.”  That’s what a friend told me when I decided to join Habitat Fit.  “I can do anything for six weeks.  I’m old not dead,” I said. Then I thought I was going to die!  After what I said, quitting was not an option – or I might have quit after the first warm up.

    There are things that I cannot do as well as others.  I may never do a push up correctly; but, more importantly, there are things I can do now that I couldn’t do. There is accomplishment in the doing.

    Accomplishment:  It is different for everyone.  For me it is more than the 20 lb. weight loss.  It is walking at a quicker pace.  It is making an effort to park farther from my destination.  It is exercising if you miss a class (o.k. not as much as I should, but doing something).  It is making choices about what to eat and drink when socializing…I socialize a lot.

    Six weeks later “I’m not dead yet”.  Boot camp is a love/hate relationship.  Hate the process; love the music (reminds me of socializing) and the results.  For anyone who thinks they can’t do it, they need only to do it. Don’t think you won’t succeed because of what you can’t do.  Do what you are able and see what you can accomplish.