“I lost 7 inches and 11 pounds in 6 weeks!!”

    Win, Lose or Draw this 6-week challenge has been amazing. I reached my goal weight. A weight that I have been chasing for 25 years.

    Habitat Fitness is an amazing gym. Brandon with wife Maria and son Elijah are absolutely the BEST. I am awed what this young couple has accomplished. They are a wonderful young family with a strong commitment to family and fitness. Brandon’s expertise in nutrition and exercise cannot be surpassed.

    I have tried all the latest, pills, potions, and exercise plans for the last 30 years. (Do you remember AIDS? the little caramels; well that’s how far back it goes.) Brandon made one statement that finally just clicked. “you cannot out exercise poor nutrition” and he was so right. I feel stronger, healthier,and happier than I have in many, many years. Trying on bathing suits this year will not hold any of the drama of past seasons—-it might just be fun.

    All the people at HABITAT, are encouraging and fun to work out with. When you feel good about yourself the rest of you life will begin to fall into place. HABITAT FITNESS will change your body, your fitness level, and ultimately your life.

    I look forward every day to see what new and challenging workout Brandon will have ready for us. You have absolutely nothing to LOSE except weight and body fat, so come workout with us it will be the best decision you ever made.