“I lost 16 pounds in only 6 weeks!”

    2010 was the most difficult year of my life. Among a long list of other setbacks, my husband lost the job that he loved and was unemployed for several months; my dad fought a year-long battle with cancer; and on December 12, 2010 my Sergeant and friend, was killed in a freak crash while doing a traffic stop. We were both on duty that day, and although I was by his side, I was helpless to do anything to save him. Afterwards I was left to wade through the emotions that come along with losing a friend and mentor, someone who I’d relied on and looked to for support, so suddenly and tragically.

    My personal defeats and disappointments were frequent and steady, and I turned to alcohol to numb my pain and erase my life, a little bit at a time. I rang in the New Year as an unhealthy, unhappy shell of a person… in a downward spiral.

    I actually stumbled upon Habitat Health and Fitness and figured I had nothing to lose, other than a few pounds. I wandered into my first day of boot camp not knowing what to expect, and got my world rocked. I found myself in a completely foreign environment; one that revolved around teamwork, support, encouragement and strength. After surviving the first two weeks of boot camp and regaining the use of my arms and legs, I looked forward to every workout, which provided me with the structure I so desperately needed, and a short term goal to reach every single day.

    The physical transformation that I’ve experienced in my time at Habitat is simply a bonus. My personal milestones and the invaluable friendships I’ve gained along the way are what have moved me and motivated me.

    I know that every time I walk through the door, I’m going to be met by a dedicated trainer who I trust, and a group of boot campers who won’t let the person standing next to them fail. To me that is the picture of a family, who without even knowing it, saw me through my darkest hour. That is absolutely priceless, and my thankfulness is without words.