“I lost 16 pounds and 15 inches in 6 weeks!”

    It was just a year ago that I laid on my couch for 6 straight months recovering from ACL surgery. With each day that passed I wondered things like, “How much weight am I gaining?” and “Will I ever be able to do cardio again?”

    Habitat Health & Fitness has taught me the importance of a single choice. The choice I made 6 weeks ago to push myself, to make time for my workouts, and to learn how to make eating healthy a lifestyle, rather than a diet.

    With two active boys, 10 hour work-days, and weekends that surround baseball field concessions, I have lost 16 pounds, 15 inches and 2% body fat (and counting)! No pills, no injections…No KIDDING! When I say I’ve tried it all, I mean it. Before Habitat, I looked at health and fitness as a sprint rather than a marathon. I’d jump on the latest bandwagon diet and with it, set the most unrealistic expectations that you can imagine. You know the gimmicks, “20 pounds in 10 days”…diets like that. Now, I plan my meals and make time for my 45 minute workouts. I understand I’m not only trying to lose weight but creating a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

    Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would after my surgery. I can run! I can squat! I can play on the floor with my boys! My knee represents only a fraction of the strength I’ve gained from Habitat. It’s bigger to me than just a place to get a workout at. It’s about the workout I’m getting and how it’s changing my life. Bring on the marathon!

    Thanks to Brandon aka The Torturer, Cheryl aka Jillian, Erica aka The Motivator and Tricia aka The Machine. Habitat fit for life,

    Jen Willis