“I have seen the results!”

    Partial Movement… Partial Development
    These words have run through my mind for the last 13 months…the time I have, worked out, and have had a personal trainer. My personal trainer, Brandon Roggow preached these words to me until they became a part of my psyche. Abs tight? Squeeze those muscles! These words as well have become a part of my workout routine. The best thing about all this – I have seen the results! I had stomach surgery and lost 200 lbs. However, though I lost the weight, I did not workout as my surgeon recommended. While I looked height/weight proportionate, because I didn’t workout my muscles began to atrophy. It was not until I began working out with Brandon that I saw a real development in my muscle mass and began to have cuts in my muscle groups.

    People began saying I looked like I lost more weight when in fact, I was rearranging my body- losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Could I have done it on my own? Some people could answer yes to that question, but for me – and I know me better than anyone else – having a personal trainer was important. He showed me the correct form, and he helped with motivation, diet, and frame of mind. For me, the most important of these was motivation. Brandon has become a friend who listens to my complaining, understands me, and recognizes my moods. He is also the one who will not let me slack in my workout, he will push me when I need to be push and he will congratulate me on a job well done. Thank you Brandon for all you have done and shown me. All I can say is: Partial Movement…Partial Development!

    Ralph Duwell