“I hit my target weight”

    My Success Story
    A year ago I was faced with four major challenges. I weighed 237 pounds. I was lucky enough to get the help of Brandon Roggow, my personal trainer who understood the challenges I faced and helped me navigate through them.

    My first challenge for myself was to get below 200 pounds before my 60th birthday. I was 195 pounds on my birthday.

    My second challenge was to get my blood sugar to normal. I was successful when I saw my doctor.

    My third challenge was to strengthen my back, and with Brandon’s help showing me the proper way to use the weights, my back has improved. He pushed me, but knew when to let up and listen to what I said.

    I have hit my target weight, but this is not the end of my personal body remodeling.

    My fourth challenge and the most difficult of all…

    Thank you, Brandon.