“I lost 14 pounds and 10 inches!”

    Wow, My transformation… What can I say, it’s amazing!! I’m sure I’m not “The Biggest Loser” but 15 pounds is great! I went for my yearly physical Monday. My Dr. was SO impressed. Not only was my weight down but my blood work was perfect!

    You know what they say;”You are what you eat”. Well before this transformation… I was a “Junkie”. I was a 6+ pack a day soda drinker and I loved my junk foods. Cookies, cakes and Bread all the time. Since I started this program I haven’t had a soda. Cookies and cakes are a thing of the past and I really don’t miss them.

    I worked 50 hour weeks came home every afternoon and plopped in the chair not doing much more the rest of the day. I was tired and cranky all the time and didn’t like myself or my life. Now I leave work and race to go exercise. I actually look forward to what I call, “the Torture!” LOL!  I leave there whipped but full of energy. I make it to my son’s baseball games and my granddaughters swim lessons ….All in the same day sometimes. I then go home to make dinner and even get some house work in before bed. It’s great!

    I feel so much better about myself and my clothes fit better. I still have a long way to go and I am determined to see this thru. I have tried everything under the sun to lose this weight and I have finally found something that works. Hard work and determination!

    My baby is 16 now I can’t blame it on the baby fat anymore!

    Thank you Habitat Health and fitness! And Misty McCracken for pointing me in this direction!