Look Your Best With Strength Training In Houston

You need all types of fitness training to be your best. You’ll reap benefits from flexibility, endurance and strength training in Houston. Some people focus only on endurance training, such as running, but they’re not getting the most out of their exercise time. While any type of regular exercise is good, you need all three to be at your best. Some women forgo strength training because they worry they’ll look like the Incredible Hulk when they’re done, but that simply won’t happen.

Strength training burns fat.

You can burn a lot of calories when you run, but those calories come from burning lean muscle tissue and fat. When you burn calories strength training, you’re adding muscle tissue and burning fat. Why is that important? The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn 24/7. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does. When you do strength training, you continue to burn extra calories for up to 72 hours after you quit. That’s because the muscles are repairing after the workout.

Strength training helps keep bones strong.

When you’re strength training, the muscles tug at the bone. That stress on the bones triggers a response in the body to make the bones denser. Loss of bone mass starts in middle-age, with 1% of bone mass lost every year after the age of 40. If you’re not active and don’t participate in weight bearing exercise, the loss is more significant. Strength training can slow it or reverse it.

If you want to maintain mental acuity as you age, make sure you include strength training in your workout.

While all exercise is good for the body and the brain, strength-training has proven to be quite significant for adults, particularly those who are older. One study found that when people between the ages of 55 and 86 did strength-training twice a week, they showed significant cognitive functioning improvements after 18 months. The training improved the gray matter in the brain in the area of the brain that is affected most when cognition is diminished.

  • You’ll feel better emotionally when you workout. Exercise helps burn the hormones of stress and stimulates the body to create hormones that make you feel good.
  • Strength-training can enhance your life as you age. It helps prevent falls and lets you maintain an independent lifestyle. It also can reduce the effects of chronic conditions, such as back pain or arthritis pain.
  • Ensuring all muscles are strong and balanced requires a program that focuses on you and your fitness needs. A personal trainer can create one that will help you lose weight, build strength and give you a body everyone will admire.
  • Find a personal trainer to help you with a complete fitness program and a program of nutrition to help you lose weight, build energy and endurance and/or build muscle tissue.

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Look Your Best With Strength Training In Houston