Try A Class At VIP Group Fitness

And You’ll See The Difference!

Semi private group and small group training with hands-on instruction and attention

Signature hour long workouts combine cardio and strength training

Innovative workouts & routines shocks the body into ecient and amazing results

Real Clients. Real Results.

Why It Works

Three Levels of Fitness Training


Small Group Training

Our program has one trainer per 10 clients maximum. This provides you with the attention of personal training at a group training price. The group dynamic also holds you accountable to your goals and makes sure that you put in the work to reach them. We use innovative science-backed workouts to ‘shock’ your body to the most efficient results possible.

If you want to finally get in shape and have fun with like minded individuals, then ‘shock’ training is perfect for you!


Semi-Private Training

These more personal sessions are offered to groups of 4 people to increase results from the dedicated attention of our professional trainers. The close group atmosphere also increases accountability and drives your progress forward. Your body transformation will ‘awe’ your family and friends.

Take control of your fitness and work for the body you want. If you want the group training style but need more individual attention then ‘awe’ training is for you.


1-1 Personal Training

If you need more individual guidance to take charge of your fitness than personal training is the answer. You tell us your goals and desired body and we’ll create a plan for ultimate success. Our trainers won’t give up on you so all you have to do is show up and follow the plan. We’ve ranked #1 in Fort Lee as a trusted personal fitness center for accountability and long-term results.

So, our system WILL work for you! Are you ready to reach your personal fitness goals faster than ever?