Success Stories

Success Stories


This is hands down the BEST fitness program & (Gym) I have ever been part of . I have been to countless commercial gyms and worked with their personal trainers and never gotten the results I really wanted. Until I met Brian and Suzy The owners of VIP fitness . Not only are the staff AMAZING trainers they are All Fantastic people ! Caring and Educated in their craft . They have given me a totally different understanding of exercise and diet which has helped me achieve my “personal best” !

Not only am I physically stronger and loving the way I look and feel but I am also much more educated about food choices , I realized through VIP how many food & exercise “myths” I had fallen victim to all these years .

WARNING !!!! You WILL get results here & you Will likely be addicted to the classes !! smile emoticon So be prepared for change and to look and feel better than EVER !!!!!


Working with Brian’s personal training team was not only incredible as far as results and information but also, fun! Yes, getting fit was extremely fun in such a positive, high energy, atmosphere! Brian really cares about his clients and their results. Going to VIP Fitness was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Been their for years now and plan to stay for years more. I love it!!


V.I.P 1 to 1 Fitness Center is hands down Fort Lee’s best kept secret! About a year ago I felt like I wasn’t able to keep up with my three kids. I knew it was time to make a change both physically and mentally. I contacted Brian Hernandez and have been training with Brian for less than 3 months. The compliments I began receiving about my shape, I had not heard in over a decade. Not to mention, the impact Brian has had on my overall well being is beyond descriptive. I have recommended Brian to 4 of my friends and they are as happy as I am with their results. All that I can say, if you are serious and committed to truly making a positive change, reach out to Brian and find out for yourself. This is the best decision I have ever made!!!!