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Bergen County personal training can help make delivery easier, but can also be important following the birth of your child. Prenatal and postpartum exercises not only make delivery easier, they make getting back into shape a snap. Prenatal exercising makes the first and second stages of labor shorter. It can also enhance your pain tolerance, while increasing your stamina and endurance during both labor and delivery. Studies show that fit women experience fewer Caesarian births and have a lower rate of intervention during labor.

Prenatal exercise helps you and the baby.

Prenatal exercise boosts your immune system and you’ll pass that immunity on to your baby after birth, through breastfeeding. It improves blood flow, and therefore oxygen levels, to the heart and brain. If gestational diabetes is a problem, you’ll be able to manage it better when you exercise regularly. Weight control isn’t as much of a problem when you exercise, either. You’ll also improve your posture, often reducing or eliminating aches and pains that can occur during pregnancy. The cardiovascular capacity of the baby is better when you exercise regularly, too.

Studies show that fit mothers have healthier babies.

Some studies show that fit mothers not only have stronger and healthier babies, but also smarter ones. Babies born to mothers who are in shape often have improved motor-functioning, increased cardiovascular capacity, while also have a reduced risk of diabetes, obesity and other such problems when they mature to an adult.

Getting back into shape after delivery helps the mother be a better role model, while improving her health.

Children learn what they live and if they live with a parent or parents who value fitness, they often value it too, helping them to live a healthier life. It can also improve the mother’s self-image, which also translates to a better image for the child. If you follow a program of regular exercise after giving birth, you’ll return to your prenatal size quicker, while also improving your health.

Exercise is a stress buster. A baby can be quite stressful, but regular exercise burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Exercise can chase off the after baby blues. Studies show that regular exercise not only improves your self-image, it can also chase off depression.

You’ll have more energy to meet the demands of having a baby or toddler and even build your energy level enough to have time for yourself at the end of the day.

Postnatal exercise can improve flexibility and functional fitness, to help avoid injuries doing simple tasks, such as lifting the baby.

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