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There’s no argument that the best Cliffside Park, NJ weight loss program is the one that works for you. That’s one reason that many of the group programs fail. The cookie cutter approach may work for some people, but each person has unique needs and problems. That’s why many people use the services of a personal trainer and find it’s the most successful way to shed pounds. Trainers create a personal program for each person to match their individual level of fitness, special needs and goals.

A personal trainer provides motivation to keep you on track.

You’re more than just another name or number; trainers really get to know you. Knowing you have an appointment with your trainer is incentive enough to get you into the gym when you’d rather not go. Trainers also hold you accountable for your success or failure. Many weight loss programs simply track your progress, but you’re the only one that sees it and often you can convince yourself it’s okay, even when it isn’t. You’ll see better results from a trainer and results are also very, very motivating.

You won’t get a diet, but will learn how to eat healthier.

The trainer won’t give you a restrictive diet, but instead will show you how to make wiser choices when it comes to the food you eat. He or she may show you how to save calories by substituting one food for another, such as using a pita pocket from half a piece of pita bread instead of two slices of bread for a sandwich or even show you how to cook healthier. Many of the dishes include herbs and spices for flavoring and most people find they love the taste of healthier foods, once they know how to fix it. You’ll get help learning about ways to cut calories at home and when you go out to eat.

The personal trainer combines a healthy diet with regular exercise.

In order to lose one pound, you have to eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn. You can do it by lowering your caloric intake, which is where a healthy diet comes in to play, but when you combine that with regular exercise that burns even more calories, you literally melt fat off your body. Regular exercise also has other benefits for weight loss. It builds muscle tissue that requires more calories, so you’ll burn more even when you’re not exercising.

Exercise gives you more energy and endurance. Once you start to get back into shape, you’ll have enough energy to dance the night away even after a long day at work. That helps you burn even more calories.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet improve your overall health by boosting your immune system. You’ll be less prone to illnesses that keep you in bed for several days and going strong when others may not be so fortunate.

You’ll never be hungry when you learn the new way of eating. Most people find they eat more than they ever did but still lose weight.

You’ll learn not only a wide variety of different exercises, but also how to do each one right. Doing an exercise correctly helps prevent injuries and maximizes the benefits.

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