Foods That Give You More Energy

Exercise is king at Habitat Health and Fitness in Lakeland, FL. However, when you eat healthier and consume foods that give you more energy, not only will your workout be better, so will all aspects of your life. Foods that give you energy aren’t sugary treats that spike your blood sugar momentarily and then plunge you into the pit of exhaustion. They’re high quality foods that keep your energy level at its best throughout the day.

Have some salmon or tuna for lunch or dinner.

Fatty fish are more than just a good source of protein, with plenty of omega3 fatty acids, they are a good source of other nutrients, too. They’re high in vitamin B12 that aids folate in making red blood cells. It helps promote the use of iron by the body. When you have more red blood cells and use iron more efficiently, you’ll be less tired and have more energy. The Omega3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, which can cause you to be tired.

Foods high in fiber boost your energy level by keeping your blood sugar in check.

Brown rice has tons of vitamins and minerals, particularly manganese, that can keep your body functioning at its best, but what keeps your energy level high is the fiber content. The fiber slows the digestion of the carbs, so it provides a level blood sugar level throughout the day. Sweet potatoes are another high fiber vegetable that keeps your energy level high. Apples not only contain fiber, they have antioxidants that slow carbohydrate digestion to extend the energy release process.

Some snacks are excellent for sustained energy.

Have you tried snacking on edamame or made a hummus dip? Both will boost your energy levels longer. Edamame are immature soybeans that are steamed, blanched or boiled and often served with salt or condiments. While being lower in calories, they’re high in protein, fiber and carbs. They contain folic acid, manganese and other vitamins and minerals that boost energy levels. Edamame also contains molybdenum, which is necessary to produce the enzymes to break down nutrients for energy. Hummus contains healthy fat, too. That helps slow the absorption of carbs and prevents blood sugar spikes that can deplete energy levels.

  • Make lentils part of your meatless Monday and boost your energy, while giving your budget a break. Lentils are high in fiber, folate, zinc, manganese and iron. Those nutrients aid in the breakdown of energy and the release to the system.
  • Start your day with an energy booster, oatmeal. It has beta glucan that slows digestion and the absorption of glucose. It also contains iron, manganese and B vitamins to keep energy levels high.
  • Another snack that can keep you running at peak performance is yogurt. It’s a great combination of protein and simple sugars. The sugars give you immediate energy, while the protein digests more slowly and provides energy for later.
  • Healthy fats, fiber and B vitamins all make avocados a great energy booster. The healthy fat helps you absorb nutrients or used later for energy. Avocados also are high in fiber to level off blood sugar.

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