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Vickie Murphy

    “From size 4 to size 0 – nine pounds and 7 ½ inches in 10 weeks!”

    Testimonial For “XTREME”
    My trainer, Brandon Roggow, suggested trying the “Xtreme” program to achieve the results I wanted. I’ve always been petite, but I wanted more muscle definition and better tone overall. The program far exceeded my expectations!!

    The first week I lost three pounds and 1 ¾ inches! Some weeks weren’t as drastic, but consistently working the program paid off! There have been other benefits as well. Keeping my diet within 10-20% of calories from fat along with my training has dropped my cholesterol lower than it has been in twenty years without medication! Having recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday, I can honestly say I am in better shape than I have ever been. None of these results could have been achieved without the help of my trainer. His motivation to my personal program has helped me and continues to help me see significant changes in my definition and overall well-being.

    P.S. I ran my half marathon

    Vickie Murphy

Amanda Smith

    “I lost 93 pounds”

    I was overweight and miserable. I weighed 234 pounds! I was diabetic and my self-esteem was very low. I wanted to change my life, so I began to workout. A few months later I started to meet with a personal trainer to really help me achieve my goals. My personal trainer gave me the right tools to accomplish my dreams. I lost 93 pounds in 15 months! I am still working to get better, but my whole life has changed. I am no longer diabetic, and I have confidence now! Thank You, Brandon!!!

    Amanda Smith

Amy G.

    “I lost 14.5 pounds and 8.25 inches!!!”

    My weight has always been an issue for me. I have been on a yo yo for so long. Almost two years ago I lost my dad to heart disease and liver failure. That was a wake up call for me. With two small children (5 and almost 4) to keep up with and a motivation to get healthy, I went to a weight loss clinic and lost almost 35 lbs. I was eating right and running 4 miles a day.

    Over the holidays last year I let myself go and gained back 13 lbs. I was still running but could only do about 3 miles (on a good day) and could never do it without stopping. I didn’t feel good either,I was tired all the time, not eating right and miserable with myself. I knew I needed to change but didn’t know where to start.

    Fortunately, a great friend, Stephanie, invited me to join a boot camp. I didn’t know what to expect but decided I needed to do something to get healthy and fit again. And possibly winning $500 couldn’t hurt either! Here we are 6 weeks later and I can honestly say I’m not done but in the best shape I’ve been in a very long time.

    As tough as they were, I really enjoyed the workouts, some more than others, Ha ha!! I like that I can do these workouts anywhere I am. I know I would be still struggling with my fitness and health if I hadn’t done this boot camp.

    I would like say thank you to Brandon and Habitat Fitness for what you do and the results I have achieved through your workouts, nutrition information and encouragement.

    Amy G.


    “I lost 12.5 pounds, 2.9 % body fat and 7.75 inches!!”

    Our team name for this six-week bootcamp was Transformers. The inspiration behind this name is the Scripture which states, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

    I truly feel that Brandon and Habitat Fitness were instruments to help me do this. Habitat helped me renew my mind from thinking, “I could never do that!” to “I’ll try it!” to “I CAN do it!” to “I can do more!” I changed from thinking of every excuse in the book why I couldn’t lose weight, to making a commitment and sticking to it, and seeing results (12.5 pounds, 2.9% body fat and 7.75″ lost)!

    I am no longer worried about my next doctor’s appointment, but rather excited to show her my transformation, which includes a normal blood pressure! (She gave me 3 months to lose weight or be put on high blood pressure meds.) Today I measured 121/79!

    When the alarm clock would ring each morning at 5:25, I actually became excited to get out of bed, and get to Habitat, where I’d meet new and old friends, all ready to go! Brandon quickly became one of these friends. His workouts are very challenging, but he consistently showed modifications for lower fitness levels (like me sometimes!), or health concerns.

    Brandon is very encouraging, always using positive motivation, and bringing out the best in me. He is very knowledgeable about both exercise and nutrition, and willing to answer my many questions (thanks, Brandon, for your patience!) One of my favorite moments was when I did the box jumps — had to conquer my fear, and did!

    I also enjoyed seeing my fitness progression when we did a workout again at the end of the 6 weeks which we had recorded during the first week. I went from 8 rounds to over 13! What a sense of accomplishment!

    I am truly grateful that I was able to complete the six-week bootcamp at Habitat Fitness, and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to become stronger, healthier, or more focused. Thank you for a great experience! I’m still in the transformation process, but my renewed thinking is heading me in the right direction!


Kim Edwards

    “I lost 4.75 inches and 8.5 pounds!!”

    I just completed six weeks of boot camp, and I am on an amazing journey of personal transformation. It has been liberating for me to realize this journey is not a diet but a lifestyle that will keep the weight off the rest of my life. I have always given to others and put them first. I finally am doing something for myself.

    I have more stamina and energy now and feel better than I have in years. I use to feel so stressed out, sluggish and tired all the time. Best of all I am happy with myself and proud of my accomplishments. The first week I could not do one sit up or one push up and I was so frustrated with the fact that I had let myself get to this point in my life. I was so totally out of shape. With the help of the trainers Brandon and Sheryl I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible in 6 weeks.

    After my first week I felt like a different person. I have made a lot of new friends and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. The fact you can progress at your own pace is something that was very appealing to me. I am so thankful I made the decision to join.  I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6 in six short weeks. The inch loss you experience in the body transformation keeps you motivated to do more. Thank you Habitat Fitness for helping me Find myself again. I feel FANTASTIC.

    Kim Edwards


    “I lost 13.5 pounds and 12 inches!!”

    My weight has always been a struggle in my life.  I have tried many different “diets” with success, but the weight always came back.  As I have gotten older the struggle has just gotten harder!  I’ve realized this was because I didn’t make a lifestyle change, I was just looking for a quick fix.

    A few months ago a coworker/friend of mine introduced me to Brandon and Habitat Health and Fitness.  I can now say that I really enjoy working out. Brandon is an awesome motivator and the environment is great! I love that everyone works at their own pace and level.

    Each workout is different and we never know what to expect. It’s a bonus that I actually feel great after each workout.  I really like the fact that we get a great cardio workout along with working individual muscle groups in a 35-40 minute session instead of  having to spend hours at the gym to do the same.

    I truly feel like I am on the path to my new lifestyle.  After just completing the 6 week Team Body Transformation Challenge I feel amazing! The nutrition was a struggle at first, but once I figured that out, off I went!

    I know that this is a doable path that I can continue on to get to my goal weight and stay there. I actually catch myself missing workouts on the weekends and wondering what the week will bring.

    My family has been completely supportive and they are even taking steps to become more active as they have seen how great I feel.  You can’t put a price on being healthy and feeling great! Thank you so much Brandon for being an awesome trainer and for helping me to get on the right track.



    “I lost 7 inches and 11 pounds in 6 weeks!!”

    Win, Lose or Draw this 6-week challenge has been amazing. I reached my goal weight. A weight that I have been chasing for 25 years.

    Habitat Fitness is an amazing gym. Brandon with wife Maria and son Elijah are absolutely the BEST. I am awed what this young couple has accomplished. They are a wonderful young family with a strong commitment to family and fitness. Brandon’s expertise in nutrition and exercise cannot be surpassed.

    I have tried all the latest, pills, potions, and exercise plans for the last 30 years. (Do you remember AIDS? the little caramels; well that’s how far back it goes.) Brandon made one statement that finally just clicked. “you cannot out exercise poor nutrition” and he was so right. I feel stronger, healthier,and happier than I have in many, many years. Trying on bathing suits this year will not hold any of the drama of past seasons—-it might just be fun.

    All the people at HABITAT, are encouraging and fun to work out with. When you feel good about yourself the rest of you life will begin to fall into place. HABITAT FITNESS will change your body, your fitness level, and ultimately your life.

    I look forward every day to see what new and challenging workout Brandon will have ready for us. You have absolutely nothing to LOSE except weight and body fat, so come workout with us it will be the best decision you ever made.



    “I have lost 28 pounds!!!”

    Growing up I was always the skinny kid, not particularly active or athletic, just skinny.  I put on weight in college, but starving myself and running took care of that and I graduated weighing 106 pounds and a size 6.  Unfortunately 20 years of working long hours, long commutes, eating in restaurants, inactivity, having a child, etc. took their toll.  First I was a little bigger, then “average” then beyond.  Someday I would get in shape.  You know, when I had unlimited time and money and could have my own personal trainer and chef make me over.

    Last spring I began watching the Biggest Loser for the first time and one evening while watching had enough.  I got off the couch and hit the scale and was 195 pounds.  That was my “something’s gotta change” moment.  I opened the latest fitness game for my Wii (which I had had for three days) and put it in and worked out until after midnight.  I made it my mission to lose 30 pounds by our annual beach trip.  Research led me to clean eating, a whole foods diet, and daily interval training and I lost 31 pounds by the end of June.  The change was noticeable, but I had only gone down about 1 size.

    Then I had to have major surgery and was forced to be inactive again.  Slowly my food choices became worse, my clothes became tighter, and I felt less fit, even though the scale didn’t change.  Three months later when I was allowed to exercise I was both too lazy and too scared.  In January I reconnected with Brandon and discovered his program at Habitat Fitness.  I LOVE working out here.  I work out so much harder with Brandon to motivate me, and other people to challenge me to do more.  I can do things now that I didn’t think I would ever do again, and I’m still improving. With this training in four months I have lost 28 pounds and now weigh 138.  My body fat went from 37% to 26.4% and I have lost over 15 inches and 4 clothes sizes.  Now I’m a size 6-8 and it is SO fun to go shopping, especially for bathing suits.  My results motivated my husband to get involved and he had an extremely successful 6-week transformation also.  Most importantly both of us are committed to healthier lifestyles, especially for our 5-year-old daughter.  Our goal is to instill in her the habits that ensure she never has to fight this battle later in life.  This is a journey for us, and we are excited to see our continued good results.

    Thanks so much Brandon for bringing fitness not just to myself but to my whole family!



    “I lost 12 pounds and 2.69% body fat in only 6 weeks!”

    I am very active, a runner and an avid exerciser. So my story is not really about weight loss, which is odd for a body transformation contest. My story starts with a shoulder injury, an injury causing me daily pain for more than 2 years. As the mom of 2 boys, I was left unable to do the things I should have been able to do as a mom (throw balls, push them on the swing, etc.). So, I underwent surgery in 12/2009 followed by 8-10 weeks of rehab. During rehab, I reinjured my arm and was left in more daily pain than pre-surgery. I was feeling extremely frustrated, sorry for myself and even depressed. I was an active person/mom stuck in a body that just wouldn’t work!!

    Enter Brandon and Habitat Fitness…..having never considered boot camp before because of my injury, I was very nervous, but after talking to Brandon, I was encouraged to take the challenge, knowing it was my last ditch effort to rehab my arm and avoid another surgery. Fast forward 6 weeks, I have lost 12lbs (8.79% of my body weight), 5.75 inches, 2.69% body fat and I am in the best shape of my adult life…….but more importantly, my arm/shoulder pain has decreased about 85% and my range of motion and strength in my arms is better than it has been in years!

    I feel motivated, pushed to and beyond my limits, surrounded by support, and very sweaty at every single boot camp and I love it!! I am officially addicted!!



    “I lost 12.5 pounds and 8 inches in 6 weeks!”

    My life before Habitat Fitness and the Body Transformation Challenge consisted of yo-yo weight loss/gain and a continual struggle with low self-esteem and poor body image.  I joined many gyms, tried multiple diets and bought a multitude of weight loss books and exercise videos.  When I entered the Body Transformation Challenge, I did not believe that I would stick it out and finish the program; every day I thought I couldn’t finish, but the staff and the Habitat family gave me the support that I needed to continue.

    Soon I began to see a change in my body, my self-esteem improved and my energy level began to rise. Prior to beginning the program, I was actually losing my hair but it seems that Habitat Health and fitness  has even had a positive effect on my stresses!  I surprised myself and made it through the challenge.  In my “before” picture, I was ashamed of my body but after completing the program, when it was time to take the “after” picture, I was proud of what I had accomplished.

    I have a long way to go, but I now know that with determination and the proper support, I can accomplish what I set out to do. I owe all this to the staff and the Habitat for Health Family.  Thank you for giving me my life back!