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Tina Martin

    “I lost 7.5 pounds and 6 inches in 6 weeks!”

    My weight problems were very apparent when I gained close to 50 pounds when I was pregnant with my son. After I gave birth I hoped that my body would go back to normal however I ended up very disappointed.  My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I really did not want to leave the house, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I tried every diet out there as well as every magical diet pill and of course nothing worked. I always blamed the fact that I had bad genes in my family and that all the other skinny fit moms were just lucky in the gene pool.

    I always had an image in my mind that I was going to be that fit and in-shape mom. When I saw that was not the case, I joined a local gym and was a loyal member for 2.5 years, and lost some weight but never felt that I was getting any closer to my goal of becoming a fit athletic mom. I never saw a positive change in my body & I spent hours and hours on the treadmill. I honestly was close to giving up and just accepting that I was now a mom and that is just how I would look now.

    Then I heard about Habitat Fitness through a friend and saw the dramatic change in her body. My challenge was always the fact that I was so motivated in the beginning but as time went on I would ultimately fall off the diet & exercise wagon. But this time was different, all I did was follow the nutrition guide and show up for class and I started seeing results. I am more motivated now and the contest is over 🙂

    I have learned so much about myself during this challenge and have pushed myself physically and mentally further than I ever thought I could. The encouragement and the support of Brandon & Erica and of course all my whining friends in the 6am class really has made such a difference in my attitude and ultimately pushed me closer to my pre pregnancy shape. I use the word shape wisely as the changes that I have seen in my body are not just on the scale. I have toned and lost inches and can see my sexy body returning 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong it was not easy by any means, the workouts have been tough to the point that I feel like calling my husband Josh after a workout to come and drive me home!  But no pain no gain, right?  I loved the fact that you never do the same old thing over and over again. All the workouts are different and really work all parts of the body. I just regret that I did not start this sooner.

    Not only have I completed this body transformation pounds lighter, but I also have found a positive attitude towards healthy clean eating and ultimately a healthier lifestyle. I have even started running! Now for anyone that knows me well, that is a miracle in itself…

    To me this was not just a 6 week transformation; this was a lifestyle transformation, one that I plan to stick to for many, many years to come.

    Remember that nothing worth fighting for comes easy. So I will continue my journey and enjoy every painful workout along the way…someone wise once told me that if you do not fear your workout , it is not hard enough 🙂 

    Tina Martin


    “I lost 20.5 pounds in just 6 weeks!!”

    “People our age can’t do that. I’ve seen what Christy had to do and people our age can’t do that.”  That’s what a friend told me when I decided to join Habitat Fit.  “I can do anything for six weeks.  I’m old not dead,” I said. Then I thought I was going to die!  After what I said, quitting was not an option – or I might have quit after the first warm up.

    There are things that I cannot do as well as others.  I may never do a push up correctly; but, more importantly, there are things I can do now that I couldn’t do. There is accomplishment in the doing.

    Accomplishment:  It is different for everyone.  For me it is more than the 20 lb. weight loss.  It is walking at a quicker pace.  It is making an effort to park farther from my destination.  It is exercising if you miss a class (o.k. not as much as I should, but doing something).  It is making choices about what to eat and drink when socializing…I socialize a lot.

    Six weeks later “I’m not dead yet”.  Boot camp is a love/hate relationship.  Hate the process; love the music (reminds me of socializing) and the results.  For anyone who thinks they can’t do it, they need only to do it. Don’t think you won’t succeed because of what you can’t do.  Do what you are able and see what you can accomplish.


Jen Willis

    “I lost 16 pounds and 15 inches in 6 weeks!”

    It was just a year ago that I laid on my couch for 6 straight months recovering from ACL surgery. With each day that passed I wondered things like, “How much weight am I gaining?” and “Will I ever be able to do cardio again?”

    Habitat Health & Fitness has taught me the importance of a single choice. The choice I made 6 weeks ago to push myself, to make time for my workouts, and to learn how to make eating healthy a lifestyle, rather than a diet.

    With two active boys, 10 hour work-days, and weekends that surround baseball field concessions, I have lost 16 pounds, 15 inches and 2% body fat (and counting)! No pills, no injections…No KIDDING! When I say I’ve tried it all, I mean it. Before Habitat, I looked at health and fitness as a sprint rather than a marathon. I’d jump on the latest bandwagon diet and with it, set the most unrealistic expectations that you can imagine. You know the gimmicks, “20 pounds in 10 days”…diets like that. Now, I plan my meals and make time for my 45 minute workouts. I understand I’m not only trying to lose weight but creating a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

    Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would after my surgery. I can run! I can squat! I can play on the floor with my boys! My knee represents only a fraction of the strength I’ve gained from Habitat. It’s bigger to me than just a place to get a workout at. It’s about the workout I’m getting and how it’s changing my life. Bring on the marathon!

    Thanks to Brandon aka The Torturer, Cheryl aka Jillian, Erica aka The Motivator and Tricia aka The Machine. Habitat fit for life,

    Jen Willis


    “I lost 12.5 pounds and 8.75 inches in 6 weeks!”

    About my life changing experience…where do I begin? I would first like to say I have a new addiction but one that I am so proud to tell everyone about.

    Before I started this six week boot camp, I hated my self. I didn’t enjoy going out in public or being around friends, or even family. I was just too embarrassed and ashamed of what I had become. My appearance was just depressing for me.

    I have always struggled with my weight. Then after I had my son, my weight was just 3x’s as bad. I have tried the Atkins diet, weight watchers, diet pills and nothing worked. It’s frustrating when you think you are doing something right but then no results. I would be one of those people who would be watching The Biggest Loser saying I want to be like them, and at the same time I’m eating a entire row of cookies. I really never thought I could eat right because I am so picky but all that has changed thanks to Habitat and Fit.

    The first week I started I really thought I was going to die but I just kept pushing my self. I never thought I could do the things I can do now, “Burpees, ha ha.” I started seeing results three weeks after I started. I now I need a new wardrobe because nothing fits. They are all TOO BIG!!! That feels awesome to be able to say. I am now confident and loving my self more and more everyday. This addiction is one that I never want to lose.

    Thank you so much Habitat Health and fitness!



    “I lost 14 pounds and 10 inches!”

    Wow, My transformation… What can I say, it’s amazing!! I’m sure I’m not “The Biggest Loser” but 15 pounds is great! I went for my yearly physical Monday. My Dr. was SO impressed. Not only was my weight down but my blood work was perfect!

    You know what they say;”You are what you eat”. Well before this transformation… I was a “Junkie”. I was a 6+ pack a day soda drinker and I loved my junk foods. Cookies, cakes and Bread all the time. Since I started this program I haven’t had a soda. Cookies and cakes are a thing of the past and I really don’t miss them.

    I worked 50 hour weeks came home every afternoon and plopped in the chair not doing much more the rest of the day. I was tired and cranky all the time and didn’t like myself or my life. Now I leave work and race to go exercise. I actually look forward to what I call, “the Torture!” LOL!  I leave there whipped but full of energy. I make it to my son’s baseball games and my granddaughters swim lessons ….All in the same day sometimes. I then go home to make dinner and even get some house work in before bed. It’s great!

    I feel so much better about myself and my clothes fit better. I still have a long way to go and I am determined to see this thru. I have tried everything under the sun to lose this weight and I have finally found something that works. Hard work and determination!

    My baby is 16 now I can’t blame it on the baby fat anymore!

    Thank you Habitat Health and fitness! And Misty McCracken for pointing me in this direction!



    “I lost 10.5 pounds and 7.5 inches in 6 weeks!”

    A few months ago I was overweight, exhausted, and struggling to keep up with three children. I often heard myself say, “Mommy’s too tired to play outside today.” I felt like a hypocrite for insisting that the kids eat healthy snacks while I munched on chips. I feared their childhood memories would be of their fat mom sitting on the sidelines while everyone else enjoyed life. Before Habitat my thoughts about health and fitness were full of regret, fear, and dread.

    This program gave me a real solution, not a temporary fix. I lost 7.5 inches over the last six weeks and I toned areas of my body that I had given up on years ago. I lost weight and gained more energy. My favorite thing about boot camp is the way we keep each other encouraged and accountable. This is different from anything I’ve ever done because it’s changed my way of thinking – now I refuse to make excuses. Recently I began having painful attacks and my doctor confirmed that my gallbladder had to be removed. The old me would have used that as an excuse to drop out of the challenge and sit around and eat a bunch of junk. I knew that my gallbladder would flare up whether I worked out or not so despite the pain, I pressed on. I went in for surgery on the last day of the body transformation challenge.

    My doctor was amazed by how quickly I bounced back. I credit my speedy recovery largely to my new found healthy lifestyle. There is no short cut to fitness, you have to put forth the effort…but the good news is that Brandon can put you on the fast track!



    “I hit my target weight”

    My Success Story
    A year ago I was faced with four major challenges. I weighed 237 pounds. I was lucky enough to get the help of Brandon Roggow, my personal trainer who understood the challenges I faced and helped me navigate through them.

    My first challenge for myself was to get below 200 pounds before my 60th birthday. I was 195 pounds on my birthday.

    My second challenge was to get my blood sugar to normal. I was successful when I saw my doctor.

    My third challenge was to strengthen my back, and with Brandon’s help showing me the proper way to use the weights, my back has improved. He pushed me, but knew when to let up and listen to what I said.

    I have hit my target weight, but this is not the end of my personal body remodeling.

    My fourth challenge and the most difficult of all…

    Thank you, Brandon.


Marilyn Tartaglia

    “Thanks to Brandon I am doing just fine today.”

    During the summer of 2007, I had terrible pain in my right knee and was unable to walk without a cane. Over a four-month period, while seeing an orthopedist, I had two injections and drainage in my right knee. There was talk of more injections and possible surgery in the distant future. I then began therapy training with Brandon. He was so knowledgeable, understanding and comforting. He concentrated on specific exercises, which would strengthen what he called the “stabilizing muscles” in my legs. I did these three times a week and for alternate days he gave me exercises for my upper body and arms. Brandon provided me with 18 exercises so I never get bored. I put my trust in Brandon and, thanks to his commitment to me, I am doing just fine today.

    Marilyn Tartaglia

Ralph Duwell


    “I have seen the results!”

    Partial Movement… Partial Development
    These words have run through my mind for the last 13 months…the time I have, worked out, and have had a personal trainer. My personal trainer, Brandon Roggow preached these words to me until they became a part of my psyche. Abs tight? Squeeze those muscles! These words as well have become a part of my workout routine. The best thing about all this – I have seen the results! I had stomach surgery and lost 200 lbs. However, though I lost the weight, I did not workout as my surgeon recommended. While I looked height/weight proportionate, because I didn’t workout my muscles began to atrophy. It was not until I began working out with Brandon that I saw a real development in my muscle mass and began to have cuts in my muscle groups.

    People began saying I looked like I lost more weight when in fact, I was rearranging my body- losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Could I have done it on my own? Some people could answer yes to that question, but for me – and I know me better than anyone else – having a personal trainer was important. He showed me the correct form, and he helped with motivation, diet, and frame of mind. For me, the most important of these was motivation. Brandon has become a friend who listens to my complaining, understands me, and recognizes my moods. He is also the one who will not let me slack in my workout, he will push me when I need to be push and he will congratulate me on a job well done. Thank you Brandon for all you have done and shown me. All I can say is: Partial Movement…Partial Development!

    Ralph Duwell

Amanda Shelby

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    “I lost 22 pounds and 13.5 inches in only 6 weeks”

    My life has been an up and down spiral since my brother was killed in 2007. Battling stress from work and grief from the loss of my little brother my weight was always up and down. I felt like I had no control over my life. I had a daughter in 2008 and another in 2010. After my second daughter was born I was struggling with my weight still. I finally stepped on the scale one day and I weighed as much as I did when I went into labor with her. I was falling apart, mentally and emotionally.

    Thanks to my mom and sister I was introduced to Habitat Health and Fitness. After my first week there I felt like a different person. This six week program wasn’t about the contest; it was about getting my life back. I would wake up in the morning wondering all day what the workout would be like. No workout is the same and that is why I loved it so much. You never knew what to expect. After finishing every workout I felt amazing. Thank you Brandon for giving me my life back and I can’t wait to continue my journey with you at Habitat Health and Fitness.

    Amanda Shelby