Help Eliminate Chronic Disease With Lifestyle Changes

While you’re probably aware that you’ll feel and look better when you workout and make lifestyle changes, did you know you can eliminate chronic disease? I see it happen frequently in the gym in Winter Haven, Florida. People often start out just to get into shape and then find that chronic issues that have bothered them for years seem to get better or disappear. It can be anything from chronic back or stomach issues to arthritis and diabetes.

It makes sense, when you consider one of the causes of chronic ailments is obesity.

Obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death. It takes more than just cutting back on calories to conquer it. It takes exercise and knowing what to eat. In fact, cutting calories to extremely low levels actually encourages weight gain by slowing the body’s metabolism. Eating healthy on the other hand not only provides all the nutrients you need to be healthy, but also reduces calorie counts to help shed weight. Exercise also plays a big role in weight loss. Both exercise and healthy eating can attack obesity, which then reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, breathing problems and high blood pressure.

You’ll boost your health with exercise.

If you want to be healthier at a cellular level, consider exercise. Every cell has telomeres that prevent damage to the DNA. It allows the cells to live longer and prevents damage, which stops premature aging and cancer. Exercise also boosts circulation. It clears the arteries, lowers blood pressure, helps prevent or improve diabetes. You’ll strengthen your lungs and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The pain from arthritis improves, just as your mood and energy level.

Exercise and weight loss helps shift where the weight is stored or reduces it.

Carrying extra weight isn’t always a health issue, unless it’s a huge a mount. The problem come from where you carry it. People with an apple shape, carrying weight around the waist and stomach, increases their risk for conditions like fatty liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cellular aging, mental decline, gout, kidney disease and gout. You won’t escape the problem by using artificial sweeteners. They actually have their own risk. In fact, studies show that people who drink diet soft drinks often develop more fat around their abdomen.

  • If you aren’t ready for a formal exercise program, just start by walking more. Take the stairs, walk to the store or just get out and walk every day. It can help you get into shape and be the start of a workout program.
  • Exercise can help eliminate the hormones of stress and undo the changes they make. Stress hormones can cause serious conditions if not dealt with frequently.
  • Other lifestyle changes that pack a wallop and can boost your overall health include quitting smoking and avoid abuse of alcohol and controlled substance.
  • One of the great benefits of making lifestyle changes is that you attain a healthier looking you. If you needed to lose weight, you’ll lose weight. If you need to gain weight, you’ll put on healthy pounds and muscle tissue.

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