How To Reward Yourself After A Tough Workout

When I train clients in Lakeland, FL, I always tell them they should have goals set and when they reach them, enjoy all the benefits like a smaller clothing size or more energy. Sometimes, you need something in between to keep you or a way to reward yourself after a tough workout. One way is to avoid that problem by doing an activity you love. You can workout hard with weights one day and give yourself the reward of swimming as your next day’s workout. That’s not always possible, so finding a reward for those tough times is important.

Do you have a favorite pastime you don’t do often?

Giving yourself a reward can be as simple as enjoying a walk in the park or more involved like a night out complete with a movie and a meal at your local restaurant that offers healthy options. If you have a favorite series on Netflix or other video options, create a program where you get to watch one or two episodes every time you have a great workout. Don’t cheat and watch more than one or two or give yourself permission to watch the series when you don’t workout. You can even choose to only watch it while you workout, to provide more incentive.

Track your progress or tell a friend.

Having a workout buddy is a great idea, but even if you don’t, you can have an after-workout friend. That person doesn’t have to live close to you and could even be someone you met online. The only thing that’s important is that you both have goals you want to meet and you both understand how important it is to get a little rewarding praise along the way. After a tough workout, share your success with that friend and wait for the “atta’ boys.”

Take some time for yourself to do absolutely nothing.

This could be the biggest reward for anyone that’s juggling a job, whether at home or otherwise, a family, fitness goals and everything else a busy life entails. You might think that this is easy, but it’s one reward that’s really tough. You tend to be energized after a tough workout. Doing nothing doesn’t mean just sitting and staring out the window, although that might be what you want to do. It might be taking a nap or just having a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

  • Save up points that equal free moments for a big bonus. Give yourself points for every workout and when you get enough points, do something big for yourself. Half the fun is the contest to get there.
  • Take a nice nap. Don’t worry about making supper or whether the house is clean. Lay down and enjoy the rest you deserve.
  • Spend extra time with your kids, friends or family. There’s nothing better than enjoying time with the people you love. Schedule a time for play after a tough workout.
  • At Habitat Health and Fitness, we offer both group and individual personal training. Some of our clients workout in the small group training and reward themselves with a few private sessions.

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