“She was instrumental in my recovery from surgery”

    Kirra is professional. She is committed. Her style is calm and methodical, with clear direction. She is observant and knows exactly when to switch up my workouts – which has been valuable to me. She was instrumental in my recovery from surgery, making sure I made measured progress after PT was completed. I took many of her water aerobics classes and did one-on-one personal aquatic strength training. Thanks to her, I have been able to take up a sport I’ve been wanting to do for 40 years – I now swim. I came to Kirra because I was concerned about my balance and strength. I never dreamed when I began this journey I would be lifting, biking, and swimming. Thanks Kirra!

    Sarah R.

    I absolutely love love Kirra! She has the best outlook, and such a bright spirit! She is so fun, and uplifting. We laugh the whole way through our workout. She pushes me, and believes in me! I definitely gained more than a personal trainer! I’ve gained a lifelong friend as well! I highly recommend her to anyone considering, or searching for a personal trainer. You won’t regret it!!

    Logan B.

    Kirra knows what she is doing! Her own physique should speak volumes! Her workouts make me sweat a ton. Kirra also listens to any of my concerns or comments & tweaks the workouts accordingly.

    Jennifer J.

    Kirra is absolutely amazing, very good coach and beautiful person. She customized a swimming and strength training workout to match my goals exactly. I have lost weight and gained muscles changing my body in just a month!

    Jamie P.

    Kirra is Amazing! She is dedicated to all her clients and shows Amazing results

    Kayla G.

    Kirra is so motivated to help her clients and in turn that has motivated me to work hard. She is so in tune with my needs and my goals. After just a month of working with her and on her workout plan, I’m dropping body fat and seeing results. Kirra is truly amazing!

    Mikhala P.

    Kirra is an amazing Personal Trainer. I clicked instantly with her and both being moms of young boys we can relate on a lot. She did further research on my body type goal and already has our next phase planned and ready. I love that she also helps with nutrition and will work with what you want to eat or give you options which makes life so much easier for this picky eater. She is friendly, funny, and very humble. Her down to earth and humbleness I think can sometimes be hard to find in personal trainers and it’s a breathe of fresh air. Regardless of where you’re at in the fitness world she can most definitely help you and keep you accountable. I look forward to reaching my goals with Kirra and continuing my fitness journey with her in my corner.

    Bailey H.

    Kirra at Golds gym is a well organized and works very hard for her clients. She helps as much as she can on the floor and is an amazing person towards anyone she encounters!

    Torey B.

    Kiara is always ready to provide advice, or motivation when you’re running low!

    Liz H.

    Kirra has been extremely helpful to me in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. She answers any questions I have promptly and Modifies work outs to the needs of my bad knees. You can tell she really wants people to succeed. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance, motivation, & accountability.

    Keisha S.

    Kirra was extremely dedicated to me with her time. Just the right amount of motivation and push. If you are looking for great results with a great trainer I highly recommend meeting up with Kirra. Her dedication to the gym and nutrition is second to none.

    Louis A.

    Kirra is an amazing trainer. She is not only there to help you achieve your goals, but actually invests in you as a person. My girlfriend and I both have seen large changes since starting with Kirra and would definitely recommend to others.

    Chance S.
    Testimonial Picture of Kristie S. (2)

    Kirra is nothing short of amazing, and she exudes that the moment you meet and start talking. She’s confident yet approachable, and that’s one of the most important qualities in a personal trainer. It is clear Kirra knows what she is talking about and she’s passionate about all aspects. Kirra will always be my go to, cannot say enough great things

    Kristie S.
    “I absolutely recommend Kirra!”

    I absolutely recommend Kirra! Her approach to fitness, both nutrition and workouts, leave zero questions about what to do. Her program and app are by far the simplest to follow that I have used! AND she listens to what you really like and don’t as far as foods.

    “I love Kirra Collins for her love and support on my journey.”

    I have not been under 165 lbs in over a year. I had surgery Dec 2018 and lost motivation and gained 20 lbs. Yesterday morning I weighed myself and not only am I under 160, but I’m under 150!!!! I love Kirra Collins for her love and support on my journey. I am 1/2 way into my 12 weeks and am so happy with my results so far.

    “I highly recommend Kirra Collins Fitness, you will love the changes in your body! ”

    I am very impressed with the plans and results I am receiving from Kirra Collins Fitness. Kirra has been phenomenal. I am seeing huge changes in my body. She has customized the meal plans to meet my needs and preferences, and the workouts are challenging and enjoyable! She’s very knowledgeable and supportive. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Kirra Collins Fitness, you will love the changes in your body!

    Lauren Simons
    “I just love her as a person. She will be your biggest supporter!”

    I have known Kirra Collins for the past few years.  I have watched her as she grew as an athlete and trainer. She is the type of coach that encourages you and makes you want to go for the next level… I have worked out with her, and I just love her as a person. She’s not only beautiful but she’s a bad ass. She will be your biggest supporter!

    April S.
    “My fear is null because I know she'll be by my side”

    I have been a client of Kirra’s since November 2019. I cannot begin to describe in words how much my life has changed since being in her care. We started with a new way of eating and moved toward healthy supplements and workouts catered to my lifestyle. I noticed an immediate improvement in my weight, my health, and my confidence. Kirra worked hard hours sending me encouragement, answering my endless amount of questions, and working on everything that kept me motivated. The amount of love and support is outstanding. Some notable things specific to myself is the need for more than one meal plan because of my busy schedule, which seemed effortless for Kirra to send out, though I know it took a lot. I received food hacks and instructions on how to swap out foods for others in case I needed something different. Those were key to helping me maintain my goal, as I can sometimes get bored with food, or I am unaware of how to substitute one for the other. Kirra provided various workouts for me to try and those that are helpful for my specific body type and my constraints, along with others that I may work toward. She encourages me, checks up on me, offers support, care, and overall comes across as a best friend who is helping you become the best you. She has also taken on the task to help me with my first competition, and my fear is null because I know she’ll be by my side. Kirra does not provide a cookie-cutter one-fits-all plan. They truly learn who you are and listen, in order to provide the best possible plan for you, and that is exactly what I needed in order to succeed. I could not be more grateful. I am excited to see how much further we can go. Thank you!

    “lost 6 lbs and 2% body fat in 21 days!”

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