“My fear is null because I know she'll be by my side”

    I have been a client of Kirra’s since November 2019. I cannot begin to describe in words how much my life has changed since being in her care. We started with a new way of eating and moved toward healthy supplements and workouts catered to my lifestyle. I noticed an immediate improvement in my weight, my health, and my confidence. Kirra worked hard hours sending me encouragement, answering my endless amount of questions, and working on everything that kept me motivated. The amount of love and support is outstanding. Some notable things specific to myself is the need for more than one meal plan because of my busy schedule, which seemed effortless for Kirra to send out, though I know it took a lot. I received food hacks and instructions on how to swap out foods for others in case I needed something different. Those were key to helping me maintain my goal, as I can sometimes get bored with food, or I am unaware of how to substitute one for the other. Kirra provided various workouts for me to try and those that are helpful for my specific body type and my constraints, along with others that I may work toward. She encourages me, checks up on me, offers support, care, and overall comes across as a best friend who is helping you become the best you. She has also taken on the task to help me with my first competition, and my fear is null because I know she’ll be by my side. Kirra does not provide a cookie-cutter one-fits-all plan. They truly learn who you are and listen, in order to provide the best possible plan for you, and that is exactly what I needed in order to succeed. I could not be more grateful. I am excited to see how much further we can go. Thank you!

    “lost 6 lbs and 2% body fat in 21 days!”