Best Arm Workouts

You don’t have to suffer wearing long sleeves in the summer heat of Houston, Texas, when you do arm workouts that make your arms look fabulous. Whether you have batwings, no muscle or just flabby arms, when you get into shape you don’t have to hide them. You can show them off in Do you want big guns? While women won’t get the bulk, they’ll get the shapeliness that’s sexy. For men, working the bicep’s brachialis and brachii will do it.

Dumbbell curls and hammer curls are exercises that will get the biceps you want.

While a complete training program ensures you have a balanced approach with amazing results, there are a few great exercises to build the biceps. The dumbbell curl starts with holding a dumbbell with arms to the side and body straight. With palms facing forward, keeping upper arms still, exhale and curl the dumbbells by contracting the biceps, raising them to shoulder level, holding and inhaling while lowering them. Hammer curls start in the same position and are done the same way, but the palms of the hands face the body.

Throw a punch to knockout batwings.

Toning your arms can be easy, you have to throw a punch. Use dumbbells while you punch at the air. If you want to work forearms, do palm up and palm down wrist curls. An overhead press with weights can tighten the muscles and eliminate that flat in the wind looseness of batwings. Sit on the floor in upright position, with legs crossed over in diamond position, upright on the floor with knees bent and soles of the feet touching. Hold weights in each hand at chest level, pull shoulder blades down, push weight upward and away, move weight at an upward diagonal line away from the body, keeping the body straight.

No need for equipment with bodyweight exercises.

Go old school for great arms with bodyweight exercises. You can do them anywhere, and they sculpt and build arms. Traditional push-ups can be used in multiple ways. Just modify the hand position to work a variety of muscles. If you do a push-up with hands closer together, directly under the chest, it helps eliminate bat wings. When you have hands at shoulder-width, it works the triceps and small muscles in the forearm. Holding hands wider than the shoulders works the shoulders and triceps different ways.

  • Keep it simple with a plank. A plank may look simple, since you’re just remaining stationary, but it’s tough. It’s all about holding the body in plank position as long as you can. You can modify it based on fitness level and modify the position to work different muscles.
  • Lift something heavy. Make sure you lift correctly, using your legs, not your back. You can rearrange your living room every other day and build your muscles, while changing the scenery.
  • Don’t attempt to start with heavier weights or too many reps when you first start. It’s all about form and working your way toward heavier weights and sometimes lifting to failure.
  • Give muscles at least a 48-hour rest between workouts. When you first start, getting the help of a personal trainer can help you make progress faster and safer.

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