Don’t Sabotage Your Hard Work On The Weekends

At Rising Fitness in Houston, Texas, clients normally stick with their schedule, particularly on the weekend. Consistency is ultimately important to get maximum benefits, and they know it. They don’t sabotage their hard work by skipping a workout over the weekend, because they know that consistency is necessary for fitness to become part of their healthier lifestyle. Staying active over the weekend and enjoying physically demanding activities, whether it’s fun like family hiking or far less fun, like vigorous cleaning, is also important.

Stick with your meal plan over the weekend.

It’s just too easy to skip making a meal and opt for fast food, but you can avoid that pitfall by using your weekend to prepare meals for the week. You’ll have everything in front of you for your healthy meals and assembly is all that’s necessary. If you do go out on the town, drink a glass of water before you eat to curb your appetite. If possible, check the menu on the internet before you go, so you have time to make the healthiest selection.

Eating in restaurants or celebration doesn’t have to be a trauma.

Is there a cook out to attend or are you going out to eat. Before you leave the house, eat a small healthy snack like a handful of nuts or an apple. Cook outs or parties can be lethal. Even if the invite said lunch at 1:00, to often stragglers come in late and everyone waits to eat. If everyone brings a dish, bring a tray of veggies or fruit you can munch on so you aren’t ravenous when you officially start to eat. In restaurants, order steamed, grilled or baked food, not fried and eat slowly. The slower you eat, the longer you give your body to send the message you’re full to your brain. Cut food in small bites and have a great conversation while you eat.

Get adequate sleep and stick with your sleep schedule.

Lack of sleep is not only unhealthy for your heart, it’s bad for your weight loss program. When you don’t get enough sleep, it interferes with the production of hormones, limiting the leptin hormone that makes you feel full and producing more ghrelin that makes you hungry. Make sure you carry water with you and sip on it throughout the day and evening.

  • Try to savor your food at a restaurant enough so you feel full eating just half. Take the rest home to eat the next day or combine it with other food for a healthy meal, like using grilled chicken to top a salad.
  • Avoid alcohol or limit it to one drink for women and two for men. Studies show that people who drink a glass of wine before a meal, eat more. Alcoholic drinks are notoriously high in calories, opting for water is better
  • In a restaurant, ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. Avoid creamy dressings and opt for a vinaigrette instead.
  • Make the weekend the day you’ll gauge your progress at the gym. Track the number of reps you do and try to do a few more every Saturday or Sunday or to make your workout more challenging.

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