Pros And Cons Of Meal Box Delivery Services

Meal box delivery services seem like a great idea. USPS or other shipping service rings your bell or knocks on the door and you have meals for several days. Some are just for convenience, but still nutritious, others are focused on special needs, like weight loss. There are pros and cons of both types of meals, so you have to find out if they’re right for you or if making your own meals is a better idea.

If you hate to cook for one, a delivery service might seem like a good idea.

If you’ve considered options like Hello Fresh or meal box delivery services that help you lose weight, it might seem like an easy option that can keep you on a healthy path for eating. These services do encourage healthier eating, since you’ll be eating at home, but you don’t have control of what goes into the food. If you’re trying to learn how to eat healthier, cooking the food yourself and storing meals ahead in the refrigerator is a better tool. You can make several weeks’ worth of meals at once if you live alone or if there’s just two of you. It can save a lot of money.

If cost is no option, then one downside is eliminated.

If you hate spending extra money or are finding your budget a little tighter, meal boxes cost more than meal planning does. It all depends on the company you use. Meal boxes can average around $10 per meal and meal planning meals can average around $4. That’s a savings of 150%. Even if you get a great intro offer, you still have to make sure you cancel before it gets expensive and that’s not always easy to do. Freshness is a problem, too. If you’re shopping, you know how fresh the food is, but some meal box meals don’t arrive fresh as they should be and you’re stuck with the meal.

What’s the trade off?

On one hand, you can meal plan, have fresh produce, cook the meals yourself and spend less. On the other hand, you can simply debit out of your account, pay more and have someone else prepare the meals for you. It all depends on which one suits your needs. If your household has more than one person, meal box delivery services can become quite expensive. If you’re single, you can still save money making meals yourself by making extra and freezing for later.

  • You can use one ingredient several ways when you plan your meals. That saves money. You also can make healthy snacks, which can help you lose weight.
  • Whether you’re doing meal planning or using meal kits, you’ll learn how to eat healthier. Since you create meals from scratch with meal planning, you’ll learn all the healthy ingredients that go into food.
  • If you have special needs like a food allergy or intolerance, you may be better off choosing meal planning. You have more control of the ingredients and can learn alternative ways to make certain foods.
  • Making your own food doesn’t have to be a task. Once you start experiencing how good it tastes, you’ll learn how to expand your knowledge to new taste treats that are healthy and lower in calories.

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