What Is Clean Eating?

Clean eating means eating more whole foods and avoiding processed foods, particularly those high in sugar and refined flour. Some people have tried clean eating and focused on how difficult it was and maybe you were one of those people. It doesn’t have to be, although if you eat in restaurants frequently, it is a little harder. It can be an inexpensive, simple method of losing weight forever. At Rising Fitness, we’ve made it easier with a personalized dietary plan to help you learn how to cook healthier to develop healthy habits. If you’re eating in a restaurant, you’ll learn ways to choose healthier foods.

Start with meal planning and eating at home.

We create the meal plans for you, which includes a shopping list. With that help, you can do meal prep ahead on the weekend and just heat and eat during the week. That makes meals quicker during the week and saves time, while ensuring you get all the nutrients you need without extra sugar or additives. That means clean eating can save you money, since you’ll use all the ingredients for various meals throughout the week.

If snacking is your downfall, clean eating has you covered.

Clean eating doesn’t mean eating less or starving yourself. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It means learning to eat healthier and includes snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The snacks are healthy and provide extra nutrition, while filling you up without excess calories. Some options include nuts or homemade trail mix, veggies and dip or a piece of fruit.

Clean eating doesn’t mean eating just raw fruits and vegetables.

Quite the contrary! It also doesn’t mean you can’t have any processed food. Almost all food is processed in one way or another. In fact, washing fresh fruits or vegetables is a form of processing. Frozen fruit and vegetables without any additives, such as sugar, can be part of a clean eating diet. Canned food that doesn’t have added sugar or salt can also be in a clean eating diet. In fact, even canned beans that have added salt can be rinsed several times and used.

  • When you eat in a restaurant or a family get-together or business luncheon, it’s not always possible to eat clean. Choose the healthiest options, but if they’re not available, it’s not the end of the world. Just go back to clean eating at your next meal.
  • Our program has a grocery list, so it eliminates that step. You can check the ingredients you need for the next week’s meal and do all your shopping at once. Shop after you eat, so cookies and snack foods don’t tempt you.
  • Always wash, chop and store fresh fruits and vegetables when you get home from the grocery. That way you’ll have snacks immediately and cut preparation time on the weekend.
  • You can freeze leftover fruit and vegetables and have them in the freezer for smoothies and other quick meals. It helps you save money. Ripe bananas can be cut in rounds, frozen on a tray and stored to make healthy ice cream that takes just a minute.

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